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Lower Leg Wax

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Beauty reviews

4.9 /5
5/5 19 hours ago

Men's waxing + Massage: classic massage 30 min.

A very courteous and professional waxing session plus a very good massage I would recommend Imaobong to anyone

Mark (Shepperton)

4/5 1 day ago

Bodycare: full pedicure

Delightful service

Arabella (London)

5/5 3 days ago

Women's waxing

Zeenath who provides the service is the loveliest woman. She makes me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. She has the calmest aura. I can only imagine booking her for the same service moving forward. My second session was even better.

Steffi (London)

5/5 3 days ago

Women's waxing

Elizabeth was very kind and caring during my appointment. It was my first time having a Brazilian wax and Elizabeth went the extra mile to ensure my comfort and to explain everything. Thank you Elizabeth!

Lydia (London)

5/5 5 days ago

Women's waxing

Nazli was a real perfectionist. Will book again

Nicole (London)

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Olivia beautician
Reviewed by our clients
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Agatha beautician
Agatha beautician
Mary beautician
Following our safety protocol
Olivia beautician
Reviewed by our clients
Guaranteed expertise
Agatha beautician
Agatha beautician
Mary beautician
Following our safety protocol

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Lower Leg Wax: Q&A

What is a lower leg wax?

A lower leg wax does exactly what it says - all the hair is removed from the lower legs, stopping at the knees.

How far does a leg wax go?

Choose the wax that suits you! Here are the different types of leg wax that can be booked on the Wecasa app or our website:

  • Lower leg wax - the hair is removed up to the knees
  • Upper leg wax - only the thighs are waxed
  • ¾ leg wax - hair removal stops at the mid-thigh, the length of a short skirt
  • Full leg wax - we remove all the hair from the upper thigh to the ankles

How should I prepare my skin before a lower leg wax?

A lower leg wax works best if the hair is not too long. Here are our tips for a pain-free leg wax:

  1. The hair must be no more than 3 to 4 millimetres long
  2. Your skin should be perfectly clean and free of cream or oil when you are waxed
  3. Ask Wecasa beauticians for advice on taking good care of your legs before and after waxing depending on your skin type (dry skin, sensitive skin, etc.)

How can I wax my legs myself?

Wecasa professionals love using wax for hair removal. It’s the most widely used technique for lower leg hair removal. The results are fantastic - legs that stay soft for ages! If you find it hard to wax your own legs, especially the back of your legs or thighs, you can have a mobile professional come to your home.

What method is used for a mobile lower leg wax?

Wecasa professionals use wax. After applying wax strips to the area of skin the hair is to be removed from, your beautician quickly removes it in the opposite direction of hair growth to ensure a quick and pain-free result.

How much does a women’s lower leg wax cost?

A lower leg wax starts at £16.90 with mobile Wecasa professionals. How about a lower leg wax with bikini line? This starts at £46.80.

How long does a lower leg wax take?

Our beauty professionals pay attention to detail and take their time with waxing. It takes 20 minutes for a lower leg wax. The end result? Silky-soft legs for 3 to 4 weeks!