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Standard Bikini Wax near me

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4.9 /5
5/5 16 hours ago

Eye Beauty: natural eyelash extensions

Cherelle was excellent. The lashes looks great, she was quicker than anyone I’ve had do my lashes before… and she has such light hands that I even fell asleep (which never happens because I’m such a light sleeper!). All round excellent.

Camilla (London)

5/5 18 hours ago

Bodycare: pedicure + gel nail polish

Anju is an amazing professional. I had my pedicure and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Definitely recommend!

Eleonora (Dagenham)

5/5 1 day ago

Bodycare: manicure, gel polish, gel nail extensions - infills + gel polish

Kerry Ann did a perfect job with my manicure, both for the infills and the extensions. I am extremely satisfied with the results. Her professionalism and attention to detail are truly commendable. Thank you so much, Kerry Ann!

Francesca (London)

5/5 3 days ago

Eye Beauty: eyelash lift + tint

Kome was warm, friendly and professional. I enjoyed the session and was so relaxed I almost nodded off. My eyelashes look great! Highly recommend. Thank you.

Alice (London)

4/5 7 days ago

Bodycare: gel polish removal + manicure + gel nail polish

Very happy with the service from Anjun, Friendly and explained things to me. My nails look good.

Kemi (Hornchurch)

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What shape of swimsuit will you choose? Rather full jersey without any hair, simple jersey to standardize or semi-full like metro ticket? No problem, Wecasa beauticians offer them all!


What is a basic bikini line wax?

The basic bikini line wax is also known as a ‘classic’ bikini wax. And as this name suggests, it involves "simply" evening out the growth of bikini line hair. The hair on the thighs and outside of the pubis is removed to create a harmonious shape. That's literally it! Getting a basic bikini line wax is ideal for wearing a swimsuit or pretty lingerie.

Does a bikini line wax hurt?

Everyone knows a bikini line wax isn’t exactly fun. Because it involves your private parts, it can be painful, yes. But fortunately, Wecasa professionals are used to performing this type of hair removal! This means the hair is removed quickly and safely.

You can prepare yourself as follows to make the most of your basic bikini line wax:

  • By exfoliating regularly: this makes it easier to remove the hair
  • Leaving 3 to 4 weeks between each bikini line wax for a successful result and sufficient regrowth (and avoid shaving in between!)

Our beauty professionals will be delighted to give you advice on the best preparation for hair removal depending on your skin type and hairiness.

How much does a basic bikini line wax cost?

Are you tempted by a basic bikini line wax and fancy giving it a go? You should know that the price will vary depending on the location you choose. You can also book your a mobile bikini line wax! For example, at Wecasa, prices start at {{min-beauty-standard-bikini}} for a basic women's bikini line wax.

What is the difference between a basic bikini line wax and a half bikini line wax?

There are various types of bikini line waxes. It's quite an art! And we recommend relying on the expertise of Wecasa professionals; they will be able to advise you! But don’t forget, you can choose the shape of the bikini line depending on the visual effect you are going for. Here are the different types of bikini line waxes:

  • Half bikini line wax - removing hair from the pubis by creating a horizontal rectangular shape like a “landing strip” or "metro ticket"
  • Brazilian bikini line wax - this technique is similar to the half bikini line wax but with a triangular shape instead!
  • Full bikini line wax - this consists of removing all the pubic hair from your body
  • Basic bikini line wax - this makes it easier for hair to grow naturally and evenly

What method is used for the basic bikini line wax?

Wecasa beauticians use the waxing method. Here are the various steps:

  1. Wax strips are applied to your skin at the bikini line
  2. Your beautician removes the wax strips quickly (always in the opposite direction of pubic hair growth)
  3. The result? A flawless basic bikini line wax, just as you wanted!