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Lip Wax near me

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The equipment (wax and spatula), a towel to protect your couch during the waxing session.
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Beauty reviews

4.9 /5
5/5 2 days ago

Massage and facial: instant radiance facial 30 min.

I booked a facial for my sister as a treat before her baby is born and Kajal went above and beyond to give her a 5* treatment. Thank you.

Rosie (London)

5/5 2 weeks ago

Bodycare: full pedicure

Luz was running late but made sure that I was aware. When she arrived, she was brilliant. All I supplied was water for the foot bath and of course, towels. She cut my nails and cuticles, but not too short. She also dealt with my hard skin on my heel. Luz finished off with a cream and massage. Lovely. My feet felt pampered. I will be contacting Luz again.

Maudrey (London)

5/5 6 days ago

Bodycare: express pedicure

Amazing service

Baladi (London)

5/5 1 week ago

Bodycare: full pedicure, gel nail polish (feet), gel polish removal

Good service

Gaby (London)

5/5 1 week ago

Bodycare: manicure + Ladies' Waxing

Great service! Real attention to detail.

Caroline (London)

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Take advantage of your lip hair removal to do chin or eyebrow hair removal. You can then finish with a moisturizer to soothe your skin and relax.

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Is an upper lip wax a good idea?

Of course, an upper lip wax is always a good idea if you are feeling self-conscious. If it might help you feel at ease with yourself, without fear of judgment; go for it!

But upper lip hair removal can be scary! Above all, you might be worried that the small amount of hair there now might grow back thicker.

We recommend an upper lip wax first and foremost!

How should you wax lips properly?

For a successful upper lip wax, choose a cold or lukewarm wax so as not to burn yourself.

When a professional does it, a wax only takes a few minutes for a visible result for 2 to 3 weeks.

Our advice? Make sure you book a waxing appointment for the end of the day! Your skin might be red just after waxing. Don’t worry, this will fade in a few hours.

How long does it take for the hair to grow back after an upper lip wax?

Have we convinced you? Now it's time for your upper lip wax! Be aware that an upper lip wax by a beautician offers results for 2 to 3 weeks.

How much is an upper lip wax?

If you choose to have a professional upper lip wax, great! Say a pain-free goodbye to unwanted body hair and the complex that comes with it!

Our beauticians will advise you according to your skin type and, above all, will have the right movements to ensure that the wax is a success.

An upper lip wax by Wecasa starts at {{min-beauty-lip-waxing}} for this area.

Which technique is best for upper lip hair removal?

First of all, it is very important to completely remove your makeup and cleanse your face well before starting to remove hair from the upper lip. Clean skin is essential!

If you are unsure about which upper lip hair removal technique to choose, here is a breakdown of the different methods:

  • Tweezers - this may be the solution if you only have a little bit of hair. But you will have to be patient!
  • Waxing - this is the technique we definitely recommend! And for good reason; it is a fast and very effective hair removal technique.
  • Laser hair removal - you can also go for permanent hair removal. But this technique is expensive and is not suitable for all types of skin or hair.

Finally, you can also have the upper lip bleached but be aware that the hair is bleached but is possibly still visible. Be sure to test the product before using it for the first time.