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You will soon be waxing lyrical about our best pros! Find your new favourite cleaner with Wecasa.

Karima cleaner
Renowned experts
Guaranteed expertise
Kocella cleaner
Kocella cleaner
Meriem cleaner
Trained in anti-covid safety
Karima cleaner
Renowned experts
Guaranteed expertise
Kocella cleaner
Kocella cleaner
Meriem cleaner
Trained in anti-covid safety

Your home will shine!

Cleaning, ironing, you can trust your Wecasa cleaners. When you want, where you want, you can decide.

Our cleaning services

At-home cleaning services include regular cleaning and ironing, along with Airbnb cleaning.

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Choose your ideal time & date

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Why does Wecasa have the best cleaners in the UK?

Household helpers are a huge asset in everyday life. They allow us to save time with life racing at 100 miles per hour, having to juggle professional life, our other half and our children. Leaving work at 7pm, racing to get your elder child to their sport club and the younger to music, getting the shopping and homework, etc done. Being a superhero is hard!

Cleaners are an incredible help because they take over all the household chores with enthusiasm. Afraid to entrust the inside of your home to someone else? You can rely on Wecasa! The fairies from Wecasa’s cleaning centre provide successful cleaning services every day. Once you've had a taste of it, it's hard to do without!

Many people are still hesitant to take a cleaner into their home. However, their services are intended for everyone. Whether you are a young worker, a single parent or large family, say yes to cleaning performed by a professional and dare to entrust your ironing to a household helper. Rest assured, organised people also regularly call on competent cleaners to take care of their homes.

Why trust Wecasa to deliver your home cleaning service?

Entrusting the keys to your home to someone else is not always easy. It is not a question of bringing in the first stranger who crosses your path to do your cleaning. Before embarking on the adventure, it is important to be reassured and confident. Wecasa has developed a precise and rigorous selection process so that you can leave your house or apartment feeling completely at ease.

How are Wecasa cleaners selected?

  • Independent professional status
  • 1 year minimum of cleaning experience
  • A reference check to ensure that a customer has been satisfied over time
  • A criminal record check

Are you looking for a cleaner? Trust Wecasa and book your cleaning session!

Are you looking for one-off or regular cleaning services?

The advantage of the Wecasa cleaner application and the website is that it offers one-off or regular cleaning services. It is the customer who chooses everything; frequency, duration, nothing is imposed on them!

Do not hesitate to outline what you need for your first cleaning session. Then, walk around the different rooms with your household helper. This is essential the first time for an efficient but realistic service!

Possible apartment or house cleaning ideas:

  • Floor cleaning (vacuum cleaner and mop)
  • Wall cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning, including appliances
  • Cleaning of all windows
  • Door cleaning
  • Dusting all the furniture, etc.

For a one-off service, many people opt for tasks that tend to get forgotten. The cleaner is there to provide spring cleaning! Regular services focus more on day-to-day tasks so you can enjoy a clean and tidy house from Monday to Sunday. Forget the arguments with your other half and the small "battles" related to divvying up household chores!

Wecasa cleaners also regularly clean Airbnb rental apartments. This is the ideal solution for changeovers between guests to guarantee that the accommodation gets great reviews. A lack of cleanliness in a rental property is worse than shooting yourself in the foot. A few bad ratings and you can kiss goodbye to your bookings.

And what about cleaning before a property inspection? It's a bit of a nightmare for anyone preparing to leave a rental property! Who hasn’t experienced the anxiety of potentially not getting their deposit back? To make sure the odds are in your favour, choose a professional to carry out complete, in-depth household cleaning and airing out the refrigerator.

How does a Wecasa Home Cleaning session work?

Are you looking for a home cleaning service for your house or apartment? Wecasa makes a point of hosting a simple, clear and intuitive website. There's also the ideal Wecasa cleaning app for when you're on your phone.

How to book your cleaning and ironing service in the UK ?

  1. Describe what you need at cleaning and/or ironing.
  2. Specify the number of hours of cleaning and the nature of the service (one-off or regular).
  3. Enter the address and the desired appointment time.
  4. Confirm your reservation by giving your credit card number (NB: your account is debited once the service has been provided).
  5. On the day of the appointment, a cleaner comes to your home and is attentive to your instructions and expectations. The goal is to bring you complete satisfaction.
  6. In the event of regular services, do not hesitate to give the keys to the professional (this means you will not need to be present each time).

Another advantage: freedom! You are not subject to a contract with Wecasa, even in the case of regular services. You can cancel the services free of charge up to 6 hours before the appointment. You can also choose to change professionals, add hours or cancel them. It's up to you!

Wecasa cleaning and ironing services are available throughout the UK. You just need to enter your postcode to find out if professionals are available in your city.

In summary, Wecasa’s cleaning service is:

  • Reliable and efficient cleaners
  • Carefully selected professionals
  • The assurance of having the best cleaners thanks to customer ratings and reviews
  • Quick and easy reservation in just a few clicks
  • The ability to do everything online
  • No administrative process
  • No fixed contract period