Organising Your Makeup: Tips and Tricks for a Neat Beauty Space

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Welcome to our ultimate guide on organising your makeup collection efficiently! In today’s fast-paced world, a neatly organised beauty space is not just a luxury but a necessity for streamlining your daily routines. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a professional, finding the right makeup organiser can transform your beauty experience. Speaking of transformation, Wecasa’s cleaning services are here to complement your organised space with a sparkling clean home, while Wecasa’s beauty services ensure you look and feel fabulous, all from the comfort of your home.

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Understanding the Basics of Makeup Organisation

Before diving into the world of makeup organisers, it’s crucial to understand the basics. Decluttering is the first step towards a tidy makeup collection. Evaluate your products and keep only what you love and use – Follow Marie Kondo’s decluttering advice, and ask yourself if they spark joy. 

Decluttering Tips:

  • Expired products: Toss them out.
  • Rarely used items: Consider donating.

Makeup organisers come in various shapes and sizes, including drawer inserts, countertop holders, and portable cases. Choosing the right one depends on your collection size and the space available.


Types of Organisers:

Type Best For
Drawer Organiser Maximising space, easy categorisation
Countertop Holder Quick access, displaying favourite items
Portable Case Travel, minimalists


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How to Choose the Right Makeup Organiser 

Selecting the perfect makeup organiser can be daunting. Consider the size of your collection, the material of the organiser (plastic, acrylic, wood), and the type (drawer, countertop, portable). For those with extensive collections, a drawer organiser could be ideal for utilising space efficiently.

Organising your bathroom or bedroom makeup collection efficiently can transform your daily beauty routine from chaotic to streamlined. By following a few simple steps, you can create a beauty space that is not only functional but also a delight to use. 

Here’s how you can achieve an impeccably organised makeup area:


Step 1: Declutter Your Collection

Begin by laying out all your makeup items on a large surface. This allows you to see everything you have, making it easier to sort through.

  • Check for expiry dates: Makeup does have a shelf life. Discard anything that is past its expiry date to avoid skin irritations or infections.
  • Evaluate your usage: If you haven’t used a product in the last six months, it’s likely you won’t use it again. Consider donating these items if they are gently used or throwing them away if they are past their prime.


Step 2: Sort Your Makeup by Category

Organise your makeup into categories. This basic sorting makes it easier to find what you need and keeps your space tidy.

  • Lip products: lipsticks, glosses, liners
  • Eye makeup: eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners
  • Face makeup: foundations, concealers, powders, blushes
  • Tools and makeup brushes


Step 3: Categorise Further

Once sorted into main categories, you can further organise your makeup based on frequency of use or colour. This step is especially useful if you have a large collection.

  • Daily essentials: Keep everyday items like your favourite mascara or foundation within easy reach.
  • Occasional use: Items used less frequently can be stored in a less accessible spot but still organised.
  • Colour coordination: Organising products like eyeshadows and lipsticks by colour can make choosing your look for the day much easier.


Step 4: Assign a Specific Spot

Designate a specific spot in your organiser for each category. This methodical approach prevents items from getting misplaced and keeps your makeup area orderly.

  • Drawer organisers: Ideal for categorising products and keeping them out of sight.
  • Countertop organisers: Perfect for those items you use daily for easy access.
  • Travel bags/cases: Use these for items you might only use seasonally or for special occasions.


Step 5: Label Sections

If your organiser allows, label each section according to its contents. This step not only aids in navigation but also adds a personalised touch to your beauty space.

  • Handwritten labels: Add a personal touch with beautifully handwritten labels.
  • Printed labels: For a more uniform look, printed labels can be used.
  • Colour-coded labels: Use different colours for quick identification of categories.


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Maintaining Your Organised Makeup Space

Once you have your makeup beautifully organised, maintaining this order is crucial.

  • Routine clean-ups: Allocate time each month for a quick declutter and clean-up of your makeup space.
  • Inventory checks: Regularly check what products you have, what needs replacing, or what is no longer used.


Innovative Organising Tips and Tricks

Get creative with your makeup organisation with these innovative ideas:

  • Use clear acrylic organisers for easy visibility.
  • Repurpose candle jars or mason jars as brush holders.
  • Magnetic boards can be a unique way to display and organise metallic makeup items.


In 2024, the variety and innovation in makeup organisers have made it easier than ever to find the perfect solution for every beauty enthusiast’s needs. From adjustable compartments that accommodate an ever-changing collection to organisers that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, here are five types of organisers to consider:

1. The Modular Drawer System

  • Adjustable compartments: These systems come with dividers that can be moved, added, or removed, allowing you to customise the layout to fit your collection perfectly.
  • Stackable options: Ideal for those who prefer to keep their counters clutter-free, these can be neatly stored inside vanity drawers or stacked on shelves.
  • Material and maintenance: Often made from durable clear acrylic, they’re easy to clean and allow you to see your makeup at a glance.


2. Rotating Countertop Organiser

  • 360-degree access: This type features a rotating base, offering easy access to all your products without having to move other items around.
  • Vertical storage: Saves valuable counter space while keeping daily essentials at your fingertips.
  • Design: Available in various materials and designs, from minimalist clear models to more decorative options, adding a touch of style to any room.


3. Professional Rolling Case

  • Mobility: Designed for makeup artists or enthusiasts with extensive collections, these organisers come with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Spacious compartments: They offer deep storage options and often include extendable trays or tiers that display products neatly.
  • Durability and security: Built to last, these cases often feature lockable sections to keep valuable items secure.

Unorganised pile of makeup

4. Wall-Mounted Organiser

  • Space-saving: Perfect for small spaces, these organisers can be hung on walls or over doors, keeping countertops clear.
  • Customisable setup: Many come with modular sections that can be arranged according to your needs, including shelves for larger items and hooks for hanging tools.
  • Material: They vary from metal wireframes offering an industrial look to wooden models for a warmer, rustic aesthetic.


5. Travel-Friendly Organiser

  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, these organisers are designed for those on the go, fitting easily into luggage.
  • Protective features: Look for options with hard cases to protect delicate items, and adjustable dividers to keep products from shifting.
  • Convenience: Many include detachable sections or fold-out trays for easy access during travel.


When choosing the best makeup organiser for 2024, consider not only your current collection but also future additions. Opt for organisers that offer flexibility in storage, are easy to maintain, and match your personal style and space requirements. The right organiser can significantly enhance your daily routine, making it quicker and more enjoyable to get ready each day.


Embracing a makeup organiser brings not only aesthetic pleasure but also functional benefits, streamlining your daily routines. Pair your newly organised space with Wecasa’s cleaning services for the ultimate home transformation. And why stop there? Book Wecasa’s beauty services to ensure your look is as polished as your makeup collection.



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