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Massage reviews in Leavesden

4.9 /5
5/5 15 hours ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 90 min.

Roxana was very professional and an excellent massage therapist! I was extremely relaxed and she massaged out knots I didn’t even know I had and I feel so much better and invigorated

Divya (Leavesden)

5/5 6 days ago

Men's Massage: relaxing massage for men 90 min.

Agniska always arrives punctually and set up very quickly. She is very methodical, meticulous and attentive throughout the Massage. She offers very beneficial feedback and advice during and after the massage. She is generous with her time at the end of the session.

Daniel (Hayes)

5/5 1 week ago

Women's Massage: anti-cellulite massage 60min

Excellent....Positive presence, friendly, professional.

Maria (London)

5/5 2 weeks ago

Women's Massage: relaxing massage 60 min.

She was really professional as well the relaxing massage gave did make me feel really relaxed…would love to have booked it again

Anu (London)

5/5 2 weeks ago

Men's Massage: relaxing massage for men 90 min.

I am very comfortable with Agniska as a professional therapist, having had a number of treatments from her to date. She arrives punctually and waste no time and setting up and is generous with her time at the end of the session. She is very meticulous and unhurried throughout the session ensuring that I am comfortable at all times. Agniezka is clearly very experienced and offers good advice and recommendations with positive feedback.

Daniel (Hayes)

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