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Massage reviews

4.9 /5
5/5 11 hours ago

Women's Massage: classic massage 90 min.

Fantastic massage, just the right pressure and felt so much better after!! He is friendly and puts his soul into his work. Highly recommended.

Ay (Tadworth)

5/5 17 hours ago

Women's Massage: swedish massage 60 min.

Agnieszka was very professional. she read up on my medical condition before she came. Gave me the best message I have ever had. She arrived on time and even went over time. I will definitely be booking with her again. Booking the session was easy, no hassle no additional secret charges. I am very satisfied.

Runa (London)

5/5 17 hours ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 60 min.

is absolutely brilliant. He is always on time and really listens to what I want to achieve Unbelievable results!

Frances (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Men's Massage: swedish massage for men 90 min.

Excellent! Loved the massage

Sarthak (Wembley)

5/5 3 days ago

Men's Massage: relaxing massage for men 120 min.

I’ve just had another two hours of superb and excellent therapy from Rianne. she arrived ahead of schedule, despite the bad weather. she fits an electric blanket over the massage table for extra comfort. she applies a rich and very healthy, blend of massage, oils, unsparingly throughout the treatment. A wide range of essential oils are included, including, Jasmine, and lavender. Rianne is clearly an expert on this aspect of the treatment as well. She remains concentrated and focused throughout She works overtime to ensure maximum benefit. I was more than surprised when she detected an internal medical condition that I suffer from. Her professional skills enabled her to do so and this will greatly benefit me when addressing the issue with herbs and supplements. I will, of course, be open to her advice on treatment as well..

Daniel (Hayes)

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What is an anti-stress head massage?

You’re looking for a head massage at home ? Then you don’t have to search for “head massage near me”, “head massage from home”, or “massage place near me”. You are at the right place to find information about head massage.

The head massage is a treatment performed with the fingertips over the entire area of ​​the head and up to the neck. Everyone can feel its benefits, at any age and at any time of the day!

You should know that the skull is a very sensitive part: this treatment is therefore particularly suitable for relaxing the person being massaged. Do we bet? In less than 30 minutes, you will be in a real state of well-being!

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this head massage is an integral part of a care routine to energize the body and mind. Indeed, the skull is traversed by different meridians that the masseur or masseuse activates during the massage.

The cranial massage is also perfectly adapted to deeply moisturize the hair thanks to the application of a nourishing oil.

How does a head massage work?

The protocol always begins with a discussion between the person massaging and the person being massaged. This is an opportunity to report any health issues you may have. You will then be invited to lie down on a massage table to receive the treatment.

Then the modeling can begin. He will alternate slow and precise manipulations, then deeper acupressure points.

Each area of ​​the head will be massaged: the neck muscles, the upper part of the skull, the forehead, the jaws and finally, the temples.

To be comfortable during the session, we advise you to wear loose clothing or even underwear or a swimsuit. You can then wear a towel around your bust so you don't get cold during the session.

What are these benefits?

A head massage correctly performed by a professional mobile massage therapist allows you to enter a real state of relaxation.

We also lend different virtues to this treatment:

  • improves sleep
  • reduction in the state of stress
  • offers a feeling of calm to migraine sufferers
  • releases tension accumulated in the neck and upper back

Finally, we also notice that the stimulation of the scalp is ideal for the beauty of your hair. By performing a head massage regularly, we notice stronger hair, less prone to breakage.

How much does a head massage cost and where to do this treatment?

For a head massage in inner London or the surrounding London area, you can trust a beauty institute.

Don't want to wait, take public transport or your car? Opt for a head care at home! At Wecasa, we offer head massage at the price of £39.90. The duration of the appointment is 30 minutes.

To do this, our mobile massage therapist will come to your home with a massage table, its equipment and a suitable treatment oil. Remember to provide space to install the equipment.

Even in the heart of your living room, the hands of our masseurs and masseuses will know how to relax you. Take care of yourself, book your Wecasa session!