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Massage reviews

4.9 /5
5/5 1 day ago

Men's Massage: deep tissue massage for men 60 min.

Alexandra is a true professional, dedicated and caring. She knows her job.

Lilian (Barking)

5/5 1 day ago

Women's Massage: thai massage 60 min.

Adrian was very good. He knows his stuff and at the end of the massage, my knots felt looser and I felt relaxed. Can definitely recommend him.

Angella (London)

5/5 1 week ago

Men's Massage: swedish massage for men 90 min.

The therapist was brilliant

Jesse (London)

5/5 2 days ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 90 min., purifying facial

Great massage and facial! Alexandra is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Porsha (Mitcham)

5/5 3 days ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 60 min.


Elena (London)

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Pregnancy massage, is it really for me?

A pregnancy massage is a massage perfectly adapted to accompany women during their pregnancy. It is recommended exclusively from the 4th month of pregnancy and it is possible to do it until the end of pregnancy (unless there is a medical contraindication). 

Thanks to our home service, you can book your prenatal massage in London, Camden, Stansted… And even anywhere in the Greater London Area! Treat yourself to this privileged moment with a baby to relax from your living room.

What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

Like all massages, the pregnancy massage is intended to be an ally to help you relax. during this very special moment that is pregnancy. The little extra: the massage is full of benefits for the mother, but also for the baby! 

Indeed, for the future mother, the pregnancy massage is suitable for relieving certain pains that can occur during pregnancy: feeling of heavy legs, back pain, tension in the stomach or in the lumbar. 

The Wecasa mobile massage therapist will focus on sensitive areas: very often the very stressed back or legs by relaunching circulation from above. Thanks to this feeling of relaxation of the muscles and the body, the pleasure hormone (oxytocin) makes its way to the foetus which also benefits from this moment of pleasure.

Prenatal massage for pregnant women, are there any contraindications?

As its name suggests, the Wecasa pregnancy massage is intended for all pregnant women after the first trimester of pregnancy.

We advise you to always seek the advice of your doctor or midwife following your pregnancy. Depending on your situation, you may be advised to avoid certain positions or pressure points. Do not hesitate to inform your massage therapist

In which position is the massage done?

It is important that you are comfortable! Our Pro who comes to your home for this treatment most often offers to place you on your side, on your side. This is a perfect position for the weight of the belly to be less heavy. You can also lie on your back, with your legs slightly elevated. Do not hesitate to indicate your favourite position to promote your relaxation.

Is the belly massaged during a prenatal massage?

During a pregnancy massage, the belly is not massaged but rather touched. If you prefer that this part is not touched, you can discuss it at the beginning of the session with the practitioner.

Note that each gesture is done gently. Particular attention will be given to the following parts of the body: the back, the legs, the chest, the feet. All the gestures are thought out to make you spend a relaxing moment, in complete safety.

What products do Wecasa massage therapists use?

The Wecasa Pros use creams and professional products, most often organic and/or natural. The products are as neutral as possible and suitable for pregnant women. If you have an allergy to a product, do not hesitate to mention it before the start of the massage.