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Massage reviews in Rye Lane

4.9 /5
5/5 1 day ago

Women's Massage: relaxing massage 60 min.

Carmen is amazing ! The massage was really good ! She made me feel much better than I was and very relax ! I would definitely recommend her ! ☺️

Marine (London)

5/5 2 days ago

Men's Massage: deep tissue massage for men 60 min.

Aliona was great!!! Lovely personality and gave a customised massage that made me feel much better. Would recommend, Happy client Thanks again Aliona

Ahmarah (London)

5/5 3 days ago

Women's Massage: relaxing massage 60 min.

The therapist was excellent and very patient with my elderly mother. After long travels was just the thing she needed to unwind Seamless service provided in the comfort of my apartment . Highly recommend

Shruti (London)

5/5 3 days ago

Women's Massage: relaxing massage 60 min.

Lucie arrived on time. Made me feel very relaxed. The massage was wonderful and I would defiently recommend Lucie. I am defo going to book another one with Luicie.

Joy (Croydon)

4/5 4 days ago

Women's Massage: reflexology 60 min.

My therapist Geraldine was lovely and polite did my treatment very well

Nicola (London)

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