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Massage reviews in Nonsuch Epsom_ewell

4.9 /5
5/5 4 days ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 60 min.

Lovely lady, excellent massage, very friendly warm and kind :)

Kirsty (Chislehurst)

5/5 5 days ago

Women's Massage: pregnancy massage 60 min.

Alex was very professional and was very experienced and give good advice on postnatal care.

Melinda (New Addington)

5/5 6 days ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 90 min.

Even if I had personal stress  today  due to sudden circomstances she  did a great massage and was very relaxing Thank you Sarah

Francesca (London)

5/5 1 week ago

Men's Massage: deep tissue massage for men 60 min.

Rianne is incredibly good, professional and very nice. Many thanks

Michael (London)

5/5 1 week ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 120 min.

Fantastic treatment. Perfect way to end the weekend and start the week. Thank you Dominic

Francesca (London)

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