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Massage reviews in Mawneys

4.9 /5
5/5 2 days ago

Women's Massage: thai massage 60 min.

Really good massage. Plenty of stretching during the massage which loosened up all the tension stiffness in my body. I’ll definitely be booking again

Zulfa (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Men's Massage: thai massage 60 min.

Great massage - friendly and professional.

Amir (London)

5/5 4 days ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 60 min.

Excellent massage. Geraldine is lovely and very professional.

Simone (London)

5/5 4 days ago

Women's Massage: relaxing massage 60 min.

My mum really enjoyed her massage!

Ines (London)

5/5 1 week ago

Women's Massage: swedish massage 120 min.

Sara was great. Honestly, my favourite massage. She's communicative, strong hands, listened well to my body. Also punctual and super professional. Will be requesting her again!

Asha (London)

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