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4.9 /5
5/5 2 weeks ago

Men's Massage: relaxing massage for men 60 min.

She has magical hands. Worth every penny.

Monark (Ilford)

5/5 2 weeks ago

Women's Massage: reflexology 60 min.

Vitalija was very professional and talked through and gave me some good advice.

Asha (Ilford)

5/5 3 months ago

Men's Massage: relaxing massage for men 60 min.

She is amazing. I would love to book her again. She utilised her experience very well. She has all the equipment which customers need. Thanks

Monark (Ilford)

4/5 5 months ago

Men's Massage: deep tissue massage for men 60 min. + Women's Massage: pregnancy massage 60 min.

Suenmble london

Suenmble (Ilford)

4/5 6 months ago

Women's Massage: deep tissue massage 90 min. + Men's Massage: relaxing massage for men 90 min.

He was lovely. Late about half an hour but he did respond to my texts immediately and confirmed eta. His style is lovely for a relaxing massage, I would say deep tissue felt like the relaxing one rather than strong. He focused on one side more (both me and my partner had same experience). But overall he was lovely!

Eleni (Ilford)

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