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Brazilian blow dry near me

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4.9 /5
5/5 17 hours ago

Women's Haircut: blow-dry (long hair)

She is so, so, so lovely and so kind! She was able to help me keep my curls and took my hair texture into consideration and was very gentle with my hair. What a lovely first experience! Will definitely book again.

Joelle (London)

5/5 2 days ago

Women's Haircut: simple haircut

Yi Chun is polite, prompt and very professional as well as being friendly. She has cut my hair twice now and I've been really pleased both times. She seems to know exactly how I like my hair to look and cuts it beautifully. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Rachel (London)

4/5 2 days ago

Women's Haircut: blow-dry (long hair)

Booked Saadia for a professional blow dry with waves and she did a good job was short with end result

Farah (Maidenhead)

5/5 2 days ago

Women's Haircut: blow-dry (long hair)

Henrique was fantastic! Henrique is an incredibly skilled hairdresser who delivered excellent results. His attention to detail and professionalism were evident throughout the session. He listened to my preferences and gave me exactly the look I wanted. I highly recommend Henrique for his outstanding service. Thank you, Henrique, and thank you, Wecasa!

Frances (London)

5/5 3 days ago

Men's Haircut: men's haircut

Experienced hairdresser

Chetin (London)

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How much does a brazilian blow dry cost?

A brazilian keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian straightening or brazilian blow-dry, is a smoothing technique with the goal of relaxing the hair fiber, producing a looser, more . The hair, even curly, is smoothed durably and for several months.

To do this, hairdressers use professional products that they deposit on the hair. They then straighten the hair as normal using a straightening iron. This leaves a shiny, sleek result on the hair!

The price for a keratin treatment with a professional at a salon is typically between 200 and 600€.

This price is due to the use of smoothing products which are expensive, the time to devote to the treatment, and of course - the mastery of this technique!

At Wecasa, our prices are designed on the same price list: the Brazilian straightening keratin treatment performed by our mobile hairdressers costs £219.

How does the Wecasa brazilian blow dry?

The Brazilian straightening keratin treatment technique consists of deeply nourishing the hair by adding a keratin treatment. With this excess of keratin, the hair becomes more smooth, shiny, and supple.

Would you like to make an appointment for a straightening at home? Here's how it will go:

  • Your at home hairdresser has made you comfortable. They may ask you for access to water to carry out a first clarifying shampoo in order to open the pores of the scalp and eliminate impurities.
  • Then, your hairstylist coats your hair with keratin, strand by strand. It's a fairly long and meticulous job: you have to put the right dose of product for it to work!
  • When the entire surface of the hair is covered, your barber or hairdresser dries your hair
  • With the hair now dry, the smoothing is finally carried out using a straightening iron: each lock is smoothed more than 6 times. The straightening time can therefore be very long depending on your hair!
  • It's over ! Admire your shiny and sleek new style ✌️

Does Brazilian straightening damage the hair?

Brazilian straightening, when done with keratin (which is already naturally present in the structure of the hair), is not dangerous for your hair.

To ensure maximum quality results, it is important to perform keratin treatment with trained hairdressers only, at home or in a salon. Only professional hairdressing experts will be able to offer you a product that does not represent any danger for your hair, and apply it using the correct methods!

How long does a brazilian keratin treatment last?

This smoothing keratin treatment has effects on your hair for up to 6 months. But this of course depends on your hair type or the treatment given to your hair during this period.

How to maintain your results after a brazilian blow-dry?

For your Brazilian smoothing to be effective for as long as possible, you will need to follow a few care principles:

  1. Right after your at-home styling session, don't wash your hair for one to three days. This is the minimum time needed for the keratin to set well on your hair. During these first days, do not use accessories such as barrettes or headbands.
  2. Avoid too aggressive shampoos and daily hair treatments. Look for sulphate-free treatments because sulphate is known to release keratin from hair.
  3. Avoid the sun and the salty sea air! Instead, opt for a straightening when you return from your vacation to maintain maximum results 😉