Men's Haircut near me at home

Men's Haircut near me

At-home haircut
Starting from £29.90
Secure payment after completion of your appointment
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20 to 30min
Equipment included
The professional equipment required for the haircut and blow-dry. A smock to protect your clothes.
Approved expert hairdressers
At home, across the UK
7/7 7am-10pm, even at the last minute

Wecasa explains...

The Wecasa hairdressing magic

1. Choose your service

Choose your services, indicate your availabilities. It's today? We'll make it happen!

2. Get matched with a trusted hairdresser

They're experts and right nearby - how convenient!

3. Your pro arrives with everything needed

Enjoy your me-time, at home!

Hairdressing reviews

4.9 /5
5/5 6 hours ago

Men's Haircut: men's haircut


Thomas (London)

5/5 6 hours ago

Women's Haircut: simple haircut

Fen was as lovely as always and cut my hair just how I wanted it.

Sylvia (Richmond)

5/5 6 hours ago

Men's Haircut: men's haircut

A brilliant professional service

Stanley (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Women's Haircut: simple haircut + Women's Haircut: simple haircut

Professional, great haircut, very attentive

Judith (Wembley)

5/5 1 day ago

Men's Haircut: men's haircut

An excellent haircut at very short notice and also very kind and caring towards my elderly father

Anthony (London)

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How to prepare well before a men's haircut?

If you opt for a cut without having selected a shampoo, you will need to ensure that your hair is clean before the session. For your barber or hairdresser, it is best to work on damp hair.

You have decided to try out a new haircut? Do not hesitate to talk about it with the person who will come to your home beforehand. You can send her an inspiration photo. Thus, as soon as your reservation is confirmed, a messaging system is accessible to get in touch easily.

Otherwise, you should know that a cut at home is not very different from a service in a hair salon. All you have to do is relax and enjoy a moment for yourself at home in the hands of our hairdressing experts!

Men's haircut: what hairstyle to ask for?

Do you want to change your haircut but you don't know where to go? Fortunately, Wecasa hairdressers are not short of hair inspiration!

During your hairdressing appointment, share everything that may be useful to your Pro to help you offer THE ideal haircut:

  • What is your way of life?
  • How often do you wash your hair?
  • Does your hair tend to be hard to manage or, on the contrary, is it easy to comb?

From these few questions and by analyzing the shape of your face, a cut will be essential!

At the moment, the trendy men's cut is what is called the undercut: the hair is shaved on the side and longer on the top of the skull. For men with long or medium-length hair, the trendy cut is the gradient to give movement to the hair.

You can also complete your cut with a very trendy color at the moment. Beard trimming is also an additional care to offer you at home!

What are the prices for a men's haircut?

The prices for a men's haircut vary according to different criteria:

  • the type of salon you frequent (independent hairdressing salon, under a brand, or independent hairdresser who travels to your home)
  • your location (in a big city or elsewhere)
  • any package applied: some salons create shampoo + haircut packages

Thus, a simple men's haircut will be invoiced between £19 and £30.

At Wecasa, the price of your private hairdresser is £29.90 for your haircut at home.

Who are the Wecasa hairdressers?

You haven't tested Wecasa yet and you would like to know who our hairdressers are?

Know that our Pros are people who have recognized know-how in hairdressing. Most of them have chosen to practice at home above all because they like to provide real service to the person.

Some may have worked in a hair salon before, others as heads of their own businesses since the start of their careers. All have experience and a hairdressing diploma.

Only the most gifted Pros in their field and in your sector come to you.