Highlights Hair near me at home

Highlights Hair near me

At-home haircut
Starting from £89.90
Secure payment after completion of your appointment
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1h30 to 2h depending on length
Equipment included
The professional products (including the colour) and the equipment are provided.
Approved expert hairdressers
At home, across the UK
7/7 7am-10pm, even at the last minute

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Hairdressing reviews

4.9 /5
5/5 5 hours ago

Women's Haircut: restyle haircut

Lensa was really great! She styled my hair exactly as I asked. She’s friendly and works quickly and efficiently. Recommend highly!

Jordan (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Women's Haircut: blow-dry (long hair)

Very professional and very good blow dry!

Julie (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Children's Haircut: children's haircut + Children's Haircut: children's haircut

We were so happy with Galina, and the kids loved her too! Their haircuts have never looked better. Super timely, super professional and super quick. thank you!

Erika (London)

5/5 22 hours ago

Women's Haircut: full head colour, women's hair wash

Agne is amazing! I had an accident with a bottle of bleach and she came to my rescue and went above and beyond to correct it and give me a beautiful hair colour. Highly recommend and have found my new hairdresser.

Amy (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Women's Haircut: simple haircut

Friendly and great haircut.

Partha (London)

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What is the price of highlights with Wecasa?

The highlights service at a hair salon or at home is not always indicated at the same price.

And for good reason, it depends on several criteria: the length of your hair, if the locks are part of a package, the products used or if you choose the home or a hairdressing salon.

At Wecasa, the price of highlights starts from £90.90. This price also includes a shampoo which is obligatory to rinse out the colouring.

Doing highlights at home is ideal because you don't have to wait in the hair salon while waiting for the product to be applied.

We also advise you to opt for an additional treatment, the patina. This is a product that is placed on your hair for 15 minutes. It is used to neutralise any unwanted reflection of a colour. The patina brings a luminous finish to your hair and your colored locks!

How long do the highlights last?

The duration of the highlights can vary between each person.

Here are the criteria that can affect the life of your locks:

  • your hair growth rate
  • the shade of the highlights compared to your natural colour
  • the care you give to your hair
  • the quality of the colouring used

In general, as soon as you notice that the root effect appears or that your hair loses shine, it is time to redo your highlights.

On average, by doing your highlights with professionals, they are to be done every two months.

What are the differences between a balayage and highlights?

The difference between these two hairdressing services is based on the amount of material used on the hair, the choice of colour shade... And of course, the application!

To put it simply, the highlights are designed to bring contrast to the hair. They must therefore be clearly visible. The locks are wider than for a balayage.

The colour chosen to make your highlights can be darker or lighter than your hair.

Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser at home for advice on choosing the ideal shade to bring light to your hair.

On the contrary, with a balayage, discretion is key. This colouring technique consists of placing very fine colored locks on the hair, one or even two shades lighter than the base colour.

How to maintain highlights?

As with a full colour or balayage, highlights require maintenance.

First of all, do not abuse shampoos. Everyday is too much! We advise you to shampoo 1 to 3 times a week maximum. Do not hesitate to choose a nourishing shampoo specially designed for your hair type or for coloured hair.

Then, pamper your hair every week with a nourishing mask.

Finally, on vacation by the sea or by the pool? Remember to protect your hair well with suitable protection products (oils, shea butter).