10 February 2022

Discover the Wecasa Hairstylist Reviews

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Interested in an at home styling service with Wecasa but would first like to learn more? Check out the Wecasa hairstylist reviews to help you make your choice!

wecasa haircut reviews

Wecasa Hairstylist reviews by bloggers

Nathalie’s opinion on Wecasa hairstylists

Her hairstyle service : highlights + shampooing + care + brushing

“It was the first time I had visited a hairdresser at home and what a pleasure! No stress, no travel and the price is the same as in the salon. We can of course have the children combed at the same time! I was more than happy with my cut made by Zahia. In short, I was more than delighted and I will use the application again without a doubt. ” – Nathalie

On Moma Le Blog, Nathalie also shares her discussions with Zahia and her general opinion on Wecasa.


Céline’s opinion on Wecasa hairstylists

Her hairstyle service : root colouring + shampooing + care + brushing

“On Saturday morning, my simple living room turned into a hair salon. For 2 hours, I was pampered and the hairdresser gave me a dream brushing.
I was DELIGHTED !!! ” – Celine

Céline, working mom, has identified 4 advantages of using Wecasa hairstyling:

  1. Ideal for young mothers
  2. Economical for the whole family
  3. Convenient for getting your hair done on Sunday or in the evening
  4. Flexible because you can even get your hair done in the office


Chouchou Cendré’s review of Wecasa hairstylists

Her hairstyle service : highlights + shampooing + care + brushing

“If you are still hesitant to try home care; go for it!” – Chouchou Cendré


Chouchou Cendré, working mom, has noted 4 advantages of using Wecasa hairstylists:

  • Save time (no waiting and no need to travel)
  • Flexible (service available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
  • Home comfort
  • Convenient for moms with small children

Chouchou Cendré wrote a full article to share her opinion on Wecasa hairstyling!



Wecasa hairstylist reviews seen by Instagrammers

The transformation of @lo0oraaa

Successful hair transformation! It was daring to cut everything but the result was impeccable. Thank you for trusting our professional hairstylists for this superb cut!

The transformation of @reverdailleurs

Sandrine also dared to cut, and not just a little: 10cm of hair! As a young mother, she decided to trust Wecasa to make herself look good. She was right because the result is INCREDIBLE!

@Mmequeenb’s evening hairstyle

Audrey opted for an evening hairstyle: an ultra chic braid and bun! For a romantic evening or a wedding, we offer customised services. Wecasa hairstyling is the solution for a weekend or evening beauty, even at the last minute!

The opinion of moms

Whether you are a future mother or a new mother, our professional hairdressers come to pamper you at home! No need to travel or to babysit, the hairdresser arrives in your living room. Thanks to Anne-Sophie & Eve, two working moms, for trusting us!

The kids are also pampered!

Moms are already won over so they share it with the whole family! At Wecasa, we offer cuts for men, women and children; something to delight young and old alike. Our hairdressers are used to working with children, we select the best professionals to take care of your little one.

Sarah’s review of Wecasa hair services

Sarah’s hair service: children’s haircut

“Kayleigh was lovely, very patient with my 4 year old who is nervous of having his hair done! Thank you so much!” – Sarah (Richmond, Greater London)

Alex’s review of Wecasa hair services

Alex’s hair service: children’s haircut + women’s hair wash, simple haircut, colour (roots), highlights, & blow-dry

“Jessica was just brilliant! She was so good with my little girl, and I love my hair!” – Alex (Bexley, Greater London)


Wecasa hairstyling in review

Bloggers and Instagrammers gave their opinion on Wecasa hairstyling. On a daily basis, all of our customers share their opinions and give our service a rating. Wecasa hairstyling has obtained an average rating of 4.83 / 5.

Wecasa offers a hairdressing service at home:

  • available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • everywhere in London and the Greater London area
  • … even at the last minute!

By booking with our app or on our Wecasa site, discover the experience of pampering at home! With our professional hairdressers, you can benefit from 18 services, from the simplest to even the most technical. In just two clicks, your house turns into a salon!

Wecasa is the benchmark for home services: hairdressing, beauty, massage, cleaning.

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