The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 70: Embracing Age with Style

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As women gracefully age, their hairstyle preferences evolve, reflecting their changing lifestyles and tastes. Hairstyles for women over 70 transcend mere trends; they symbolise a celebration of maturity, exuding elegance, confidence, and a zest for life. This guide delves into various hairstyles that are not only fashionable but also empower older women to feel their absolute best.

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a variety of elegant and stylish hairstyles for women over 70 years old

The Pixie Haircut: A Timeless Choice for Older Women with Fine Hair

pixie haircut

The pixie haircut, a perennial favourite, offers an ideal blend of low maintenance and high style. Particularly flattering for fine or thinning hair, this versatile cut can be adapted to any hair texture and face shape. Whether styled sleekly or tousled for added volume, the pixie cut is one of the best haircuts out there and a testament to timeless elegance.


Embracing the Boyish Cut: Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70

Boyish haircut

The boyish cut strikes a unique balance between simplicity and contemporary flair. Ideal for those seeking a minimalist yet chic look, this cut is effortlessly stylish and easy to maintain. Customise it with side bangs or texturising for a personal touch.


The Layered Bob: Adding Texture and Style to Haircuts for Women

Woman with layered bob haircut

A layered bob, gracefully skimming the shoulders or shorter, is a fantastic choice for adding volume to fine or limp hair. Its layers create movement and depth, making it a versatile option for various hair types and face shapes. It’s like an easy cheat from getting hair Botox. Experiment with curls or keep it sleek for a tailored look.


Revitalising Your Look with Fringe: Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Woman with fringe

Fringe, whether blunt or side-swept, can revolutionise a hairstyle, adding a touch of youthfulness and modernity. It’s an excellent way to frame the face and works splendidly with both short and medium-length styles, adding personality and softness to any look.


Confident Grey Hair: Embracing Great Style with Age

Woman with grey hair

Grey hair symbolises wisdom and experience, and embracing it can lead to a strikingly sophisticated look. Whether in a sleek bob, a layered cut, or a playful pixie, grey hair exudes confidence and elegance, especially when paired with the right cut.


A Touch of Elegance: Light Balayage for Layered Hair

Woman with light balayage

For those who cherish their long locks, light balayage offers a subtle, yet impactful way to add dimension. This colouring technique, highlighting natural hues, complements layered cuts, enhancing texture and giving an overall soft, sun-kissed appearance. 

Check out some of our other favourite trendy hair colours for more inspiration.


Sophisticated Curly Crop: A Chic Look for Natural Curls

curly crop

Curly-haired women can embrace their natural texture with a sophisticated curly crop. This style is not only easy to maintain but also accentuates facial features, particularly when graced with silver or grey tones.


Choppy Bangs: Timeless Elegance for a Dynamic Look

choppy bangs

Choppy bangs bring a lively, youthful spirit to any hairstyle. Whether paired with a bob or a longer cut, they add an element of playfulness and are a fantastic way to refresh your look without a drastic change.


The Voluminous Bob: A High-Volume Choice for Special Occasions

The Voluminous Bob

Ideal for events and celebrations, the voluminous bob is a statement hairstyle. It’s perfect for creating a bold look, making thin hair appear fuller and more luxurious.


Faux Mohawk: Edgy and Bold Styling for the Daring

Faux Mohawk

For those looking to make a statement, the faux mohawk offers an avant-garde twist on traditional short hair. It’s a bold choice that exudes confidence and a fearless attitude.


Razor Cut: Sharp and Edgy for a Statement Look

Razor Cut

A razor cut offers a sleek, contemporary look that’s both edgy and sophisticated. As one of the top hairstyles for women over 70, this cut is particularly effective in highlighting the various shades of grey or white in the hair, creating a look that’s both modern and elegant.


Big and Curly: Embracing Dramatic Curls for Maximum Impact

curly bob haircut

For women with naturally curly hair, going big and bold can be a fantastic choice. This style celebrates curls in all their glory, adding volume and a dramatic flair to your overall appearance.


Half Up Puff: Elegant and Fancy for Formal Events

Half Up Puff

Combining the ease of open hair with the elegance of an updo, the half-up puff is ideal for formal events. It’s a versatile style that works beautifully with both curly and straight hair.


Blonde Fringe: A Youthful Addition for a Stylish Touch

Blonde fringe

Blonde fringe, whether full or side-swept, adds a bright, playful element to your hairstyle. Fringes are a great way to soften your features and add a hint of youthfulness.


Wavy Layered Bob: Short and Chic with a Modern Twist

Wavy Layered Bob

A wavy layered bob is the epitome of chic versatility. Ideal for adding texture and movement, this style is flattering for a variety of face shapes and hair textures.


Avoiding Ageing Mistakes: 4 Haircut Blunders for Women Over 70

To maintain a youthful and stylish look, it’s important to avoid certain haircut mistakes. Steer clear of overly dated styles, cuts that are too severe, neglecting the health of your hair, and ignoring your hair’s natural texture.

Now, you’ve got plenty of hairstyles for women over 70 to choose from anyway!


Pros and Cons


  – Variety: A wide range of styles to suit different hair types and preferences.

  – Maintenance: Many of these styles are low-maintenance meaning you might even see a change in how often you need to wash your hair; ideal for a hassle-free lifestyle.

  – Versatility: These styles can be adapted to suit personal tastes and occasions.



 – Adaptability: Not all styles may suit every face shape or hair texture.

  – Regular Trims: Some styles require regular trims to maintain their shape, this is especially true if your hair grows fast.

  – Color Consideration: Frequent touch-ups may be needed for coloured hair.


In conclusion, achieving the perfect hairstyle that suits your age and personality is essential, and having a skilled hairstylist is just as crucial. For convenient at-home hairdressing services, consider booking with Wecasa. They offer a range of hairdressing services tailored for women over 70, ensuring professional care in the comfort of your own home. With Wecasa, your hair is in good hands, whether you’re looking for a new style or just maintaining your current look.



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