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Cleaning reviews in Leeds

4.9 /5
5/5 7 days ago

Cleaning: classic regular cleaning

Very efficient and thorough!

Elizabeth (Leeds)

5/5 a month ago

Cleaning: classic regular cleaning

Yamundo was very professional and did an excellent job. She was early to the appointment and communicated well in arranging the times to suit both parties.

Kat (Leeds)

5/5 a month ago

Cleaning: deep cleaning

So lovely and friendly, and my flat has never been cleaner!!

Johanna (Leeds)

5/5 2 months ago

Cleaning: deep cleaning

Amazing service, she did an excellent job! Thank you

Haroon (Leeds)

5/5 3 months ago

Cleaning: classic one-off cleaning, cleaning products

Great guy, really friendly and professional. Most importantly he did a great job cleaning our house!

Zoe (West Park)

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Wecasa cleaning in Leeds

1. Choose your bespoke cleaning

Whether you are looking for a one-off or regular cleaning session, you can select the date and timing! Easy peasy!

2. Get matched with vetted pros

Hassle-free process, we take care of everything! We pair you with a brilliant top-rated talent near you.

3. Ta-da, your home is clean & shiny

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What happens if I need to change or cancel my cleaning appointment in Leeds?

Wecasa offers flexibility in managing appointments. You can modify or cancel your appointment directly from your application or customer area, with the option to do so free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment starts.

Are there any cleaning tasks that Wecasa professionals cannot perform in Leeds' residential properties?

When it comes to knowing what tasks your cleaner can do for your home, there are certain tasks that Wecasa professionals cannot perform, including cleaning ceilings, shutters, blinds, hanging furnishings or surfaces requiring a ladder, deep cleaning of persistent stains, moving heavy furniture, and cleaning exteriors like gardens or outside windows.

Are Wecasa cleaning services available for Leeds' diverse property types?

Wecasa's cleaning services are tailored to all architectural diversity, ensuring both modern apartments and historic homes receive appropriate care. Professionals use the latest techniques for contemporary spaces, ensuring delicate materials are preserved, while historic homes receive gentle treatment to protect their traditional features.

This flexibility underlines Wecasa's commitment to high-quality, personalised cleaning solutions across Leeds' varied living and working spaces​​​​​​.

Can Wecasa cleaning services cater to homes and offices in Leeds' busy commercial areas?

Yes, Wecasa offers cleaning services tailored to residential areas and workspaces, ensuring homes and offices in Leeds' bustling commercial and residential areas receive top-notch care. From end-of-tenancy cleaning to spring cleaning, Wecasa has a range of options for whatever your cleaning needs are.

However, it's important to note that Wecasa's cleaning services are primarily focused on basic cleaning, including routine maintenance of living and working spaces. Services such as cleaning exteriors, and windows, and specific requests like a deep cleaning of stubborn stains or moving heavy furniture are not typically included.

How can I prepare for my cleaning appointment in Leeds?

To ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning service, Wecasa recommends providing all necessary information at the time of booking, preparing cleaning equipment and products (if you have opted to provide your own), and communicating any specific requirements or priorities with your cleaning professional, through the app's chat section. This preparation allows the cleaner to begin promptly and helps them understand what areas of the house to focus on.

What are Wecasa's cleaning service rates in Leeds, and do they vary by location?

Wecasa's cleaning service rates may vary from city to city, including Leeds, to accommodate local demand and costs. Rates are transparent and can be viewed by pretending to book an appointment, with the price including the professionals' equipment and travel expenses. Starting from just £16.90/per hour Wecasa aims to offer services at affordable prices while ensuring fair payment for its professionals​