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A cleaner cleaning a window
A cleaner cleaning a window

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Everything to know about window cleaning

How much does hiring a window cleaner near me cost?

Wecasa window cleaning services start at just £15.90/h. The total price will depend on the amount of hours required to clean your windows.

If you are looking for a professional home cleaning at an affordable rate in London, then look no further than Wecasa .

Why hire a window cleaner near me?

Let us guess: you never manage to clean your windows without leaving streaks and when you do have the chance to finally wash them, you get the impression that two days later they are already dirty again?

We know that this is one of the least appreciated tasks when it comes to cleaning, which is why we suggest that you hire a housekeeper to help you wash your windows.

Rest assured, Wecasa cleaning professionals are carefully selected and experienced- they will leave behind windows that shine brighter than ever! During the window cleaning session, you will have plenty of time to concentrate on other activities and spend your time doing things that you actually enjoy.

How are Wecasa housekeepers selected?

Wecasa domestic cleaners are selected according to a rigorous process so that we can ensure their expertise. We want to be sure that you will be 100% satisfied with your window cleaning session.

Therefore, our cleaning professionals must meet various prerequisites:

  • Be an independent professional
  • Have at least one year of window cleaning experience
  • Perform a baseline check to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Have a clean criminal record

Do we have to provide cleaning products for Wecasa window cleaning?

Do you have cleaning products at home or are you used to using your favorite products for window cleaning? Do not hesitate to make them available to the professional to use during your cleaning!

In case you run out of equipment, you can select the option for your cleaner to bring their own cleaning products with them to the session - just keep in mind that this is an add-on cost of about £2.

In general, if you are afraid of running out of products, we recommend that you select this option to allow the cleaner to carry out their work in the best conditions.

Good yo know:

If you are booking a window cleaning, remember to specify it to the cleaner in a comment when booking. This will allow the professional to bring the appropriate equipment.