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Cleaning reviews in Chislehurst

4.9 /5
5/5 11 hours ago

Cleaning: cleaning

Stanford was polite and did a great job.

Josh (London)

5/5 1 day ago

Cleaning: cleaning

Very professional and respectful woman, friendly and cleans very well!

Alesia (London)

5/5 9 hours ago

Cleaning: cleaning

On time. He did a great job cleaning. Even had some spare time to clean to hoover bed rooms.

Khoa (London)

5/5 13 hours ago

Cleaning: cleaning

brilliant clean! Rose was really professional and did an amazing clean at our place

Nadia (Bexleyheath)

5/5 1 day ago

Cleaning: cleaning

House was spotless and Mamita was friendly and cheery. I get awkward if I ever have someone in my house to clean (mostly because I feel guilty that I'm not doing it myself!) but I felt completely at ease. A great job! Would definitely use again.

Tara (London)

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Do you need domestic cleaning services in Chislehurst?

Looking for domestic cleaning services in south-east London? Look no further! Our team of experienced and professional cleaners are here to help. We offer a range of services to meet your needs and come at an affordable price:

  • Regular cleaning: Ideal for busy households who need assistance in maintaining cleanliness.
  • One-off cleaning: Perfect for deep cleaning or special events.
  • End of tenancy cleaning: Our specialist service for tenants moving out. Trust us to clean your home to the highest standards!

What tasks can I hire a domestic cleaner to do?

For a successful first mobile cleaning session with Wecasa, be clear and specific about your needs. Walk through the house with your cleaner to highlight particular tasks for each room. This step is crucial for an efficient service.

Common tasks performed by domestic cleaners include:

  • Floor cleaning (vacuum cleaning & mopping)
  • Wall cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Airbnb rental cleaning (in advance or after a stay)
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning, including appliances
  • Dusting all the furniture, etc.

    Make sure to specify anything you would like your cleaner to prioritise, and double check what our cleaners can do.

How does Wecasa Cleaning operate for domestic cleaning services in Chislehurst?

Wecasa provides personalised cleaning services in and around south-east London. You can specify tasks and schedules, with options for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. Our professional cleaners ensure your home stays fresh and tidy, covering dusting, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and more!

What are the benefits of using Wecasa for domestic cleaning services in Chislehurst?

Using Wecasa for domestic cleaning services in Chislehurst has multiple benefits.

Firstly, it saves you time, allowing you to have more free time for other activities or to simply relax.

Secondly, Wecasa works with trustworthy partners, ensuring the security and confidence of leaving your home in their hands. Additionally, Wecasa offers various services beyond cleaning, including ironing, massage, and beauty, providing a comprehensive home service package.

Lastly, Wecasa's professional cleaners are reliable, affordable, and insured, so you can walk around Camden Place while they take care of the cleaning!

Does Wecasa offer move-out cleaning services in Chislehurst?

We provide end-of-tenancy cleaning services specifically designed to assist tenants in cleaning their rented property before vacating. We recognise the significance of a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning, and our professional cleaners will carefully clean every corner and crevice to help ensure you receive your deposit refund.

How can I book a cleaner in Chislehurst?

Booking cleaning services in Chislehurst is a breeze with Wecasa:

  1. Simply enter your postcode and select the service and hours you require.
  2. Choose your preferred appointment date and time.
  3. Wecasa will assign a qualified and professional cleaner from our network of pros to arrive at your chosen time. All that's left for you is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your spotless home!