21 December 2021

Domestic cleaning products: Which ones to choose, and how to make them?

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Cleaning up is no easy task. It is not a question of simply wiping a microfiber cloth so that the interior is clean. In order not to waste time and be efficient, it is essential to be well equipped: this is valid if you do the cleaning yourself, but also if you entrust this mission to a cleaning lady. We’ve taken stock of the list of household products that are essential for an optimal household.


The basis of domestic cleaning products

It is not necessary to have the equivalent of the entire Tesco cleaning aisle at home to carry out an efficient cleaning. People still tend to think that you have to equip yourself with a specific product for each action and each part of the house. Drop these preconceived ideas! You don’t need 12,000 bottles to – efficiently – clean your interior.

Among the essentials, there is always a dishwashing product. Even if you have a dishwasher! There are always things to hand wash like a scouring pan, cutting boards or your little one’s bottles.

Also arm yourself with a universal cleaner capable of cleaning different surfaces, a product for toilets and a product suitable for floors. To make it shine, you can complete your kit with a cream or a powder intended for earthenware or stainless steel.

You absolutely must have a disinfectant like bleach. To fight against limescale, bet on a specific product and/or distilled vinegar.

By choosing only the basic products needed for cleaning, you gain space. We always have in mind the image of the cupboard under the kitchen sink which is overflowing with all kinds of products. Limiting the number of bottles also improves efficiency. Follow the very current adage of “less is more”.

Ecological solutions for domestic cleaning products

Many household products available in supermarkets tend to be harmful to health. Generally, they are not recommended for pregnant women– this data is far from reassuring!

Today, more and more people are turning to ecological solutions for everyday life, including cleaning. Opting for ecological household cleaning products has many advantages. It’s convenient because you don’t need a lot of things and everything is easily found. It is particularly economical because the products are not expensive. According to recent studies, a family with two children can save nearly 95 euros per year by replacing everyday household products with ecological solutions and homemade recipes.

Regarding health, it is widely recommended. Say goodbye to irritating or even carcinogenic chemicals! The last obvious benefit is ecology. You are doing better for the planet. Every little bit counts!

Convinced of ecological cleaning? Follow the guide! To start, you need vinegar. It is renowned for its disinfectant and deodorant properties. It also removes limestone. It is useful for dozens of things, like disinfecting the refrigerator, maintaining the iron, washing windows, and more. In your natural household kit, add baking soda. This light abrasive cleans, deodorizes, softens … From the oven to molds, including the pipes, this little white powder works miracles. In the same style, there are the soda crystals which are used especially on very dirty surfaces.

As for soaps, the two essentials are household black soap and Marseille soap. The first allows you to degrease floors, remove stains from clothes or even clean windows. As for the second, it acts as an excellent detergent. Note: It is important to choose real Marseille soap that does not contain perfume, chemical additives or coloring.

Recipes for making domestic cleaning products

To go even further in the ecological approach, you can make homemade recipes. After having tons of homemade masks and creams of all kinds in the bathroom, it’s time for household products!

To make a multi-purpose cleaner, you need water, two tablespoons of eco-friendly soap, and one of baking soda. For a pleasant smell, you can add 10 drops of lemon or lavender essential oil.

To make 1L of toilet gel, you need 340 ml of white vinegar, 660 ml of water, 4 tablespoons of potato starch (or corn starch) and possibly 12-20 drops of lemon, Scots pine or tea-tree essential oil.

You can find a lot of recipes like these to make your household products. There are also ideas for creating your own dish soap or liquid detergent. It is clearly a new habit to take, but it is very satisfying.

Top 5 essential domestic cleaning products

Natural products are a unanimous winner. Take this opportunity to get started on the switch to an eco-friendly cleaning regime!

To summarize, in his cupboards, the essentials are:

  1. Baking soda
  2. White vinegar
  3. Black soap
  4. Soda crystals
  5. Essential oils

As a bonus, don’t miss out on the microfiber cloth that everyone loves. In addition to being economical, it cleans perfectly, catches dust and allows you to easily replace the 3 paper towel rolls used during each cleaning session.

All it takes is a little sorting of your household products to get rid of the clutter and keep only the essentials. Stop cluttering yourself with dozens of dust-collecting bottles. For efficient cleaning, you now have all the cards in hand!

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