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Same day cleaning FAQ

Can I book a cleaning appointment for the same day?

You can schedule cleaning services with Wecasa at least two hours in advance. As soon as we receive your booking, we'll check with our cleaning staff to see if any are available, and we'll let you know if they are.

But be careful—we can't promise that specialists will be available for last-minute appointments.

If the time you requested doesn't have any professionals available, we might recommend an other time that does, and you'll be free to accept or reject it.

What tasks does a cleaner do in London ?

Depending on your demands and your budget, a housekeeper or domestic cleaner may do a variety of tasks. Here is a complete list of all the tasks you can assign a domestic cleaner if you have been considering hiring one in London. To help them best match your expectations, all you have to do is pick the ones you need and provide them the list.

  • Floor cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Dusting of furniture and surface
  • Interior cleaning in a house or apartment
  • Bathroom and toilet side

What else is included in a domestic cleaning service?

Can I really trust a Wecasa house cleaner?

You've come to the right site if you've been continually seeking for a "cheap cleaner near me" and are looking for ways to get a professional house cleaning done for a reasonable price.

Services for house cleaning can be effective without being pricey. You can can clean your house in a variety of ways without spending a tonne of money. Cleaning and personal service experts, Wecasa house cleaners. All of them are professionals in the field who are registered and are frequently classified as self-employed. You can order cleaning services in a totally legitimate and expert environment. In order to choose the best one for you.

What is the price of a same-day cleaning?

A professional domestic cleaner's hourly rate for same-day cleaning starts at £15.90. You can book your cleaning session even at the last minute.