7 things you need to know about polygel nail extensions

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We all know how difficult it is to achieve and maintain perfect looking nails!  Well there might be an answer to all your problems, and it’s called polygel nail extensions! 

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Traditional manicure treatments either cause too much damage to your natural nail, they end up chipping and breaking after only a week or they just seem too bulky.

Polygel nail extensions are the newest trend taking over nail salons and claim to be the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and style!

We totally agree, that’s why we’ve identified 7 things you need to know about Polygel nail extensions before making your first appointment! 

What are Polygel nail extensions?

Polygel is a relatively new manicure technique, quickly growing in popularity! It’s considered a hybrid nail enhancement method, combining the strength and durability of acrylic nails and the flexibility of gel nails. They’re the perfect solution for those that wish for longer nails but struggle to grow them naturally!

What is the Polygel nail kit ?

The Polygel nail product typically comes in tube form and has a putty-like consistency, a bit like toothpaste but thicker! It can be easily moulded and shaped to form beautifully looking, long-lasting artificial nails. One of the many reasons why it’s also become a favourite among nail technicians across the UK!

They’re easy to apply!

First of all, we always recommend having your Polygel nails applied by a professional nail technician!

This way you can always guarantee great looking nails. They will apply your Polygel nails using a number of steps:

  1. The nails are first prepared by pushing back and removing any dead skin from the cuticles. The fingernail needs to be properly disinfected before applying any Polygel product. 
  2. The technician will then apply a nail bed dehydrator to remove any excess moisture from the nail and then use a nail primer before the Polygel is added.
  3. A ball of Polygel is put onto the middle of the fingernail and then moulded into your desired shape and length using a spatula and an alcohol solution. 
  4. Once each hand is complete, it will be cured under a UV lamp for 60 seconds and any rough edges will be filed away.


Polygel nail extensions last longer!

You can expect your Polygel nails to last up to 4 weeks if applied correctly and taken care of properly! Of course, if your hands are involved in harsh activities then the risk of breakage or chipping will increase.

Even though Polygel nails have the strength of acrylics, after 3-4 weeks they will gradually begin to weaken. 

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This process is also emphasised as your natural nails grow. If you’re someone who has fast growing nails, you may need to visit the salon a little earlier to have them filled in or touched up.

Polygel extensions are safe for your natural nails

That’s right! Polygel extensions are a perfectly safe nail enhancement technique! It’s not made from the same harsh chemicals as other nail treatments, such as acrylic, meaning the nail tech or the customer aren’t breathing in monomer fumes or other harmful gasses during application.

What you must remember about nails extensions

The biggest risks to your nails always occur during the application and removal process, which we’ll move onto next. 

That being said, damage can occur if the treatment isn’t performed correctly. They could be over or under-filled at the wrong angles, cured for too long under the UV lamp or cured under a UV-light that is too strong.

Therefore, it’s important to always have your Polygel nail extensions applied by a professional nail-technician at a reputable salon.

It’s important to remove them correctly

Removal of polygel nails is very simple but it’s crucial that it’s done correctly to avoid damage to the natural nail. Soaking your nails in acetone remover for approximately 30 seconds should loosen the nail sufficiently enough. You should then be able to cut the extension off easily and use a nail file to remove the remainder of the gel. 

If you’re not comfortable performing this at home then we strongly recommend having your Polygel nail extensions removed at the salon by a professional. 

Get your Polygel nails done properly at the salon

Whilst Polygel can be done at home, it can be very tricky if you’re not familiar with gel nails.

It’s important during applicaton that you don’t get the formula onto your cuticles or skin, otherwise it can take forever to soak off! It can also cause nasty allergic reactions if not used correctly. 

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What’s more, polygel nails are moulded using a brush dipped in alcohol solution. Reaching the correct ratio of gel to alcohol is important in order to achieve perfect looking nails!

Always get your nail extensions done at a trustworthy salon for the best results! 

The cost of Polygel nail extensions

If you’re wondering how much gel nails cost, the answer depends on a few factors. A full set of polygel nail extensions typically costs anywhere between £50-£90 depending on the location and the reputation of the nail salon. 

Also, the cost of a polygel manicure varies based on the length of your nails and if you want designs on them. Infills will usually set you back between £30-£60 also!

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