Romantic Love Heart Nail Designs: From Subtly Romantic to Bold

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Love heart nails are the cutest nail trend everyone is raving about, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up – so why not try them out this year?

Our team of expert manicurists have a tonne of heart nail designs for you to experiment with, for a fun, flirty, Valentine’s twist.


Valentine's Day nails

What are the Latest Trends in Love Heart Nails?

The nail trends of 2024 so far are all about colour, fun, and experimenting with new designs. Recently love heart nails have become all the rage, and we love it!


The Allure of Love Heart Nail Tips

Heart nail tips are a chic and creative way to experiment with shapes, accents, and colour in your manicure.


You have a tonne of freedom when it comes to picking your nail colours, textures, and the finish of your polish. You get to do cute heart nails your way!


Reverse French Tips with a Heart Twist

Reverse French Tips with a Heart Twist

We all know French tips are a classic nail style. But part of what makes them such a great option is that they can be updated with new styles and trends.


And hearts are no exception – they’re a match made in heaven!


Tiny Heart Accents on Sleek Nails

Tiny Heart Accents on Sleek Nails 2

If you prefer a minimal mani, you can still get in on the trend with simple heart nail designs. The key is to choose a neutral base colour to make sure the heart accent pop. 


Perfectly Shaped vs. Hand-Drawn Love Hearts

When you think of heart nail art, you probably automatically picture the perfect heart shape. Which, of course, looks stunning! 


But you can also have a lot of fun with endearing, hand-drawn-looking hearts. The key is to lean into the imperfection – that’s what gives it a playful edge.


Varied Heart Accent Nails

Can’t choose a nail design? Why not just get them all!


Unique Designs on Each Nail

Unique Designs on Each Nail

You might opt for one statement nail in an otherwise basic manicure, or even go crazy with different designs on every nail. 

By working within the same colour scheme, it will still look cohesive and chic!


How to Create Stunning Heart Nail Designs at Home?

No time for a professional manicure? No problem!


Essential Tools and Materials

To DIY your own love heart nails, you’ll need a few key tools:


  • Your nail polishes of choice
  • Small nail brushes
  • A dotting tool
  • Top coat to lock your designs in


Step-by-Step Guide for Simple Heart Nail Designs

When DIY-ing nail art, it’s important to prep your nails with a good base coat followed by your solid nail colour.

Draw the heart using a brush (or dotting tool), and allow it to fully dry before coating it with a top coat. 


Creating Heart Shapes with Dotting Tools

A dotting tool is a great way to achieve the perfect heart nail art! Simply dip the rounded edge in your nail polish, and place two dots right next to each other – so close they’re touching.

You can then place your dotting tool in the middle of the two dots and drag it down a little, and that’s your heart! 


Achieving Perfect Symmetry in Heart Designs

To get symmetrical heart designs, it’s important to work slowly and paint with your hand on a flat surface. No shaky lines here!


Explore the Most Popular Heart Nail Designs 

Want nails with hearts but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas!


Blush Gradient with Heart Accents 

Blush Gradient with Heart Accents

Gradient nails look amazing, and provide the perfect background for heart accents. 


Dainty White Tips with Pale Pink Hearts

Dainty White Tips with Pale Pink Hearts

Pink and white is such a dreamy, timeless combination. The delicate white tips are perfect to pair with pale pink heart details!


Bold and Glamorous Heart Designs

Bold and Glamorous Heart Designs

Sometimes more is more – so go extra with layered hearts, and bold colours, and make a statement.


Metallic and Gemstone Heart Accents

Metallic and Gemstone Heart Accents

When you’re deciding on how to decorate your nails, remember that heart details don’t have to be painted on. Nail art can also come in the form of gemstones and glitter!


Love Heart Nails Designs for Every Occasion 

Heart nails are surprisingly versatile – here’s how to rock them all year long.


Romantic Designs for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Designs for Valentine's Day

Of course, Valentine’s Day is one of the best times for heart nails. Make sure you lean into it with reds, pinks, and shimmer for extra romance.


Subtle Heart Designs for Everyday Wear

Subtle Heart Designs for Everyday Wear

You can also wear heart nails without making them the centre of attention. A tiny heart detail as an accent nail is such a cute touch any day of the year.


Festive Heart Nails for Special Events

Festive Heart Nails for Special Events

Why not incorporate hearts into all your holiday nails? Whether it’s a set of birthday nails or trying a new nail style for Summer – hearts never go out of style.


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