24 November 2021

Find a beautician around me

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Book a mobile beautician

A change in your schedule? Whether it’s last minute or long overdue, it’s important to save that precious time to do yourself some good. So if a sudden desire for well-being takes over you, finding a beautician around you seems to be the best option. Whether it is for a last-minute waxing, a nail polish application, or simply to have fun.

A beautician around me when I am at the office

Has your work lunch with coworkers just been canceled? Now you have a little over an hour of free time at your disposition; you might as well put it to good use and especially take care of yourself. What other better solution not to waste your time, than to find a beautician near you ?

Even at your place of work! Have you ever thought about pressing pause on a busy day at work for a moment of 100% relaxation? A precious moment of well-being and relaxation to think only of yourself? A great idea for recharging the batteries.

How to achieve it? Simply enter your office address, and Wecasa will take care of the rest.

beautician performs hair removal at home

A beautician around me when I am at home

The work week is behind you, it’s finally time for the weekend. Do you really want to have to cross the city to go to the salon? Is it a good idea to take some time for a relaxing, quiet moment of self-care, just to immediately lose all the benefits of your moment of zen due to traffic jams or being crammed in the subway?

Staying at home is the ideal solution: no waste of time, quality and professional care in the comfort of your home. Take advantage, the institute comes to you, to your home.

How to achieve it? Simply indicate your home , Wecasa will take care of the rest.

A beautician around me when I’m on vacation

Holidays should bring excitement, well-being, pleasure and time for oneself. Children are registered with the Mickey Club or with your mother-in-law. The house is quiet for the next two hours. Unsheathe your phone and change your place of residence .

Thanks to its network of beauticians throughout France , we remain at your side, including during your holidays.

How then to achieve it? Simply indicate your summer home address, Wecasa will take care of the rest.

beautician performs a facial treatment on vacation

Wecasa, a network of professional beauticians around my home

No need to fill out obligatory documents or drive 100 kms around your home to try and find a open salon, take a seat quietly in your living room while waiting for the next arrival of a Wecasa beautician. Enjoy, you are at home! A beautician available around me , it’s the dream that comes true with … Wecasa!

Wecasa, if you do not know yet, is your hairdressing, beauty, massage and home cleaning expert designed to make your daily life easier. How? Because Wecasa makes it possible and easy to book an aesthetic treatment at home in just two clicks. And so that the benefits of your aesthetic treatment are complete, Wecasa allows you to choose the time slot of your choice, without leaving your home. No, you are not dreaming.

Thanks to its DNA and its desire to be a way of living accessible to all, Wecasa is established throughout London. So if you live far from the big cities, it is now possible to benefit from the services formerly reserved for a few privileged Londoners. Thanks to Wecasa, services are offered on Sundays without any restrictions.

You can opt for a facial treatment, an anti-aging treatment, the application of false nails, but also an armpit waxing; All services are provided by professional beauticians rigorously selected and rated.

The real plus: the ability to book services even at the last minute! You can book a beautician for an appointment between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Thanks to very short booking deadlines, you can book a treatment in London within two hours. And if you want an aesthetic treatment on a Sunday , it is possible at Wecasa.

You no longer have an excuse to miss a beauty treatment! Discover hundreds of beauty institutes, directly in your salon.

So if by any chance you are looking for a beautician around me the quest ends here! Visit wecasa.co.uk to book a professional home beautician in just two clicks.

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