2 February 2022

What is the difference between Californian massage and relaxing massage?

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Massage is probably the best thing you can treat yourself to to feel better and see the tension melt away! By choosing a Californian or relaxing massage , you are playing the card of well-being and softness. The gestures performed are slow and fluid to satisfy all the massages.

relaxing massage

In this article, we come back to a question often asked: what is the difference between a Californian massage and a relaxing massage? But also what are the benefits of these body treatments.

What is a Californian or relaxing massage?

The Californian massage is a relaxation massage technique characterized by its softness. It is practiced using large movements over the whole body. Three parts of the body are particularly worked on during this massage: the bust, the stomach and the back.

Traditionally, the nickname of Californian massage is said to be “touch of the heart”. The reason ? Thanks to the gestures carried out during a Californian massage , the massaged can reach a state of total relaxation. He can then connect more easily to his emotions and to his heart.


Quite often, when you book a relaxing massage at an institute, spa, or with a masseur or a masseuse at home, you are booking a Californian massage.

Indeed, these two massages are the same!

The relaxing massage uses the treatment methods of the Californian massage with different maneuvers:

  1. kneading muscles
  2. brushing of body parts
  3. pressure points or skin smoothing

These two well-being treatments are characterized by gentle and fluid sequences. As a massage therapist, you should not feel any discomfort or pain during this treatment.

Californian massage or relaxing massage is the most common treatment in beauty institutes. It is an interesting gateway to connect to your body through modeling. We can then turn to more dynamic massages such as deep tissue massage or Swedish massage.

What are the benefits of Californian massage and relaxing massage?

Californian massage like relaxing massage, are treatments with many benefits.

First of all, they can help relieve certain chronic pain or muscle pain.

In addition, when the skin is pressed and massaged with long circular motions, it allows better blood and lymphatic circulation to the tissues.

Finally, it is essential to remember that massage aims to relax body and mind . This feeling of well-being provided by a massage is ultimately conducive to reducing stress and anxiety.

If the relaxation massage is performed in the morning, it will be perfect for approaching the day in full awareness of your body and full of energy. A massage in the evening is good to get rid of the nervousness felt during the day and prepare your night.

How does a relaxing massage work take place?

A relaxing massage session which uses the movements of the Californian technique, lasts between 60 and 120 minutes. Depending on your needs, the practitioner can advise you on the most suitable duration of treatment.

To begin with, the masseur or masseuse always begins a massage session with questions. This is necessary to fully understand the health and physical state of the massaged as well as his state of stress. These questions are important in tailoring the massage and its intensity to your personal situation and preferences.

The massage session can now begin. The patient is lying down, on a massage table or on the floor. The massé usually wears underwear or a swimsuit. An oil is applied to promote the state of relaxation.

Relaxation massage is generally done by zone: first the back , then the bust, then the legs, etc. The massage of each zone begins with slow and harmonious touches. Then, as and when, the maneuvers will be more supported. If there are areas of tension, we can linger more in depth to untie the knots. The session then ends with a rest period before getting dressed.

What to know before booking a massage

In principle, the relaxing massage is the one that is accessible to the greatest number because it is gentle. But there are cases when it is not advisable:

  • Fever
  • Infectious disease
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Recent surgery
  • Hemophilia, diabetes or cancer
  • Pregnancy

In all cases, relaxing massages are wellness massages, not medical ones. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor before booking your massage.

How to book a relaxing or Californian massage at home?

To find a home masseur or masseuse ready to relax with the help of Relaxing or California massage , you can count on Wecasa.

Our home help and well-being service is available everywhere in Greater London. All you have to do is visit our site or check out our mobile app.

From the list of massages, select the relaxing massage. Then, indicate your availability and your address. A word of advice: fill in several time slots. Payment is then made by bank card, in complete security.

We are already looking forward to meeting you!

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