How many anti-cellulite massage sessions to get results?

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Anti-cellulite massage is a recognised massage technique for dislodging cellulite. With an adapted lifestyle and regular care, the results can appear after several sessions! But precisely, what is the “palper-rouler” technique and how to get results with this technique? anti-cellulite massage

What is a palpate-rolling anti-cellulite massage?

“Palper-rouler” is a massage method designed to fight against cellulite. It consists of pressing the skin on areas prone to orange peel skin or cellulite. Thanks to this gesture, blood circulation is stimulated to eliminate waste and toxins accumulated in the fat cells.

The palpate-roll anti-cellulite massage is an energetic massage that is done by pinching the tissues of the skin between the thumb and the other fingers. Roll the skin from bottom to top.

You can also use anti-cellulite machines that imitate this gesture. Whether you do a palpate-roll massage in an institute, with a professional at home or yourself, the massage uses a mixture of the following movements:

  • kneading: to soften the skin and decongest the tissues
  • detachment of the skin: the larger movements come to detach the skin and boost blood circulation
  • drainage: to eliminate toxins from the skin or work on what is called water retention. The water contained and stored in the fats is thus evacuated

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Manual or mechanical palpation-rolling, which is more effective?

There are two ways to do an anti-cellulite massage:

  1. The manual technique
  2. The mechanical technique

The manual technique, the palpate-rolling anti-cellulite massage is given by hand. This can sometimes be coupled with the application of a moisturizer or an anti-cellulite suction cup
in a beauty salon or using an anti-cellulite device.

In both cases, the operating principle is the same: the machine imitates the kneading of the fingers. It is equipped with a suction chamber and various rollers. Thus, the skin is first lifted and then sucked. Today, machines can also combine the palpate-rolling method with heat diffusion or treatments with active ingredients.

Palpating-rolling with a machine is not necessarily more effective than manual palpating-rolling. The key is to practice these messages regularly to observe the results.



Anti-cellulite massage, from home or in an institute?

Let’s be honest with each other- the palpate-rolling technique is not exactly a relaxing massage. In addition, if you practice the massage on yourself, it is sometimes a little difficult to reach certain areas (the buttocks, for example!). Then, you have to master the technique and not get discouraged because it can be a little painful.

This is why it is best to call on a massage professional. The palpate-roll carried out in an institute or at home, by a professional, is guaranteed to be complete and effective. The gestures are precise and perfectly adapted to dislodge cellulite.

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What is the ideal frequency for an anti-cellulite massage session?

anti cellulite massage

The regularity of the anti-cellulite massage is the key to obtaining interesting results. You will not necessarily be able to make your cellulite disappear, but you will be able to notice softer and smoother skin.

To do this, you need to create a skincare routine. If you’re thinking you can just do two massages a day for two weeks, before the beach for example, then stop for the rest of the year – You’re wrong! Palpating and rolling, to be effective, must be done regularly, all year round.

In self-massage at home, start with 10 to 30 minutes of massage per day. Just before your shower, for example! If you choose to have an anti-cellulite massage by a professional, you can book 30 minutes of treatment every week.


After how many sessions can results be seen?

To observe the first anti-cellulite results of palpate-rolling, it will depend on several criteria:

  • Are you adopting a lifestyle suited to cellulite reduction? (do regular physical activity, eat a balanced diet or drink enough water during the day)
  • How long have you had cellulite?
  • Is it an aqueous, adipose or mixed cellulite problem?

No matter what your lifestyle or body type, we recommend completing at least the first ten massage sessions to observe a change in the state of your cellulite.

The more the number of sessions increases over the months, the more the results will be visible. With the key: a smoother and firmer appearance of the skin and a more toned body. You could even lose a few centimetres from your waist, thigh or hip!

Note that if you have cellulite and suffer from a feeling of heavy legs or water retention, you can also combine palpate-rolling with lymphatic drainage. The latter is a powerful treatment to stimulate lymphatic circulation. In an institute or at home, massage therapists exert pressure on the skin to unclog the fat cells. A perfect treatment in combination with palpating and rolling!



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