18 January 2022

Our advice for choosing the right service with a mobile beauty therapist

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What are the advantages of using a beautician at home service? What are the different ways to find the professional you are looking for? How to recognize a good esthetician at home?

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We’ll give you everything you need to know about aesthetic services at home!


Why choose a home beauty service with a mobile beauty therapist?

Do you want to take care of yourself and have never dared to call a beautician at home? Having access to an aesthetic service at home offers so many advantages!

Here are the main ones that should make you want to take the plunge:

Benefit from the same services as in an institute

First of all, know that all the services available in beauty institutes – namely hair removal, dyes, make-up, manicures, foot beauty or even facial treatments, etc. – are also achievable during an at-home beautician service.

What can be better than aesthetic treatments at home?

At home services are a great time saver

With work, children or even everyday tasks, you have a hard time making time for yourself. By opting for an at-home beautician, you will save precious time since you will avoid taking transport, running into traffic jams or even waiting for your turn at the institute.

A considerable savings of time which also allows the less far-sighted to take advantage of a last-minute meeting!


Relax in an intimate and familiar environment

Being pampered at home also means enjoying an intimate and familiar setting without being disturbed by the noise and the disruptions of a beauty salon. You will thus be able to benefit from a professional fully at your disposal and enjoy this moment of relaxation even after the end of the session while remaining comfortably installed at home!

Enjoy the same prices as in an institute

If you thought that calling an esthetician at home costs more than a service in an institute, you are on the wrong track!

In fact, aesthetic services at home offer prices similar to those practiced in institutes. So it would be a shame not to do it, right?


How to find an aesthetic service at home?

Word of mouth

Who better than your loved ones to advise you on the services of a home beautician?

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a competent professional. So take advantage of those around you to question them about their experience and perhaps find an aesthetic service at home!


You don’t know anyone who calls on a beautician at home? You can carry out your own research on the Internet thanks to directories, professional websites, forums and social networks (professional page like Linkedin or Facebook groups). The advantage with the internet is that you can easily find reviews left by previous customers and thus get an idea of ​​the quality of the services offered by the profiles that interest you.

A service provider agency or a freelance online platform

If you are short on time to find an at-home beautician and are afraid of making a mistake by calling on someone with low qualifications or someone who does not inspire your confidence, take advantage of the network of a service provider like Wecasa.

With Wecasa, you are sure to have recourse to qualified experts (aesthetics specializing in manicure, specializing in hair removal, make-up, etc.), endowed with proven experience in the field and amply validated by their clients.

Wecasa beauticians have obtained an average rating of 4.9 / 5 out of a total of 149,161 reviews to date!


How to recognize a good esthetician service at home?

The best thing to do to know if a mobile beauty therapist is providing quality services is to test her. Start by choosing a relatively short service (such as a manicure) in order to be able to assess the quality of the service offered.

During your cosmetic service, you will be able to check that the esthetician has all the required qualities described below before contacting her later.

A good home beautician must be a perfectionist

Thanks to her training and experience, a good esthetician must master the right gestures and know all the specifics of the products used. Indeed, know-how is essential to transform a service that may be unpleasant for some clients (such as hair removal) into a moment of relaxation. The beautician must therefore know the essential tips to do as little harm as possible and be a perfectionist to provide impeccable work.

In general, you should be able to feel that she is doing her job with enthusiasm and passion!

A good mobile beauty therapist must know how to establish a bond of trust

Calling on a beautician at home means welcoming someone into their privacy.

Therefore, you must feel comfortable with the professional in question. They should listen to your needs and take the time to give you advice. The home beautician must be able to step aside while being reassuring.

Small details can make all the difference, such as providing background music during the performance.


A good home beautician must know how to adapt to all requests

We do not all have the same vision of beauty and we do not all have the same physiology (differences in skin type, hair, nails, etc.). This is why a good esthetician must be able to listen to understand the needs of each person and thus offer the appropriate aesthetic services.

In addition, she must adapt to all requests without ever passing judgment but sharing her expert eye.

A good mobile beautician must have all the necessary equipment

If the beautician is to be able to adapt to all requests, she must be equipped with all the necessary equipment and all professional quality beauty products (the same as found in institutes).

For a manicure for example, it will have to bring many shades of varnish so as not to be limited in terms of choice. Also remember to check the hygiene of its equipment, which must be perfectly cleaned.

Now that you have all the cards in your hand, all that’s left to do is get pampered at home!


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