1 November 2021

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Article updated on April 6, 2021

Following the publication of the new lockdown decree throughout the country, the following home services remain authorized between 6 am and 7 pm

  • Hairdressing at home
  • Home cleaning
  • Child care (even after curfew hours)

On the other hand, home aesthetics and home massage services are no longer authorized. Reservations are only possible from May 3.

Below, the information from the previous confinement of November 2020.

Reopening of hairdressing at home!

Following the presidential announcement of this Tuesday, November 24, 2020, Wecasa reopens its hairdressing services at home for service dates from Saturday, November 28, 2020 . The editor’s advice: if the need to shorten the locks or re-color the roots is there, book your hairstyle service quickly because hairdressers are extremely in demand at the moment.

Second lockdown & hairdressers: key dates

  • Since Monday, October 26 , the French have been rushing to book their hairdressing service at home. Wecasa is experiencing an unprecedented jump in bookings. Indeed, the capillary disasters of the previous confinement have marked the spirits and the French are doing everything to anticipate this time a long-term confinement, as we know, more than uncertain.
  • Since Wednesday, October 28 , the announcement of a second confinement has only increased the eagerness of the French to find an appointment with the hairdresser. Hair salons are experiencing unusually high attendance and are extending their opening hours to Thursday, October 29.
  • Since Friday, October 30 , hairdressing salons, considered non-essential businesses welcoming the public, have been strictly prohibited from exercising. Home hairdressers, on the other hand, have the possibility of continuing to work during this second confinement, as do all of the home services offered by Wecasa.
  • Wednesday November 4 , date of entry into force of a new decree, home well-being professionals are prohibited from practicing, including hairdressers

What solutions to book a hairdresser during lockdown?

Wecasa hairdressing at home must unfortunately close as of Wednesday, November 4 and throughout this second lockdown of uncertain duration.

Do not hesitate to leave us your contact details and to learn about our health protocols to be informed as soon as the post-confinement home well-being services resume: aesthetics or massage may also be of interest to you!

What hairdressing services can I perform at my home?

If you are looking for a niche , here for those not used to the Wecasa service an overview of the catalog of hairdressing services most commonly booked by our regular customers:

How is a hairdressing service carried out at home during lockdown?

For those who do not yet know the hairstyle at home Wecasa, here is the mode of operation:

  • You choose from our catalog of hairdressing services the one (s) of your choice for the member (s) of your family of your choice. We do not allow customers who are COVID-19 positive or declared a contact case to make reservations on our site. The same prohibition applies to professional hairdressers from the Wecasa network.
  • You then select the day and time that suits you.
  • Stay at home, our partner hairdresser will come to your home at the agreed time!
  • Throughout the service, you respect the health protocol in force, which you will be reminded of shortly before your appointment.
  • You are not debited from the amount of your reservation until the day after the service.
  • Wecasa invites you to rate the service provided in order to guarantee flawless satisfaction of 4.9 / 5 (out of more than 75,000 customer reviews) with its home hairdressing offer: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How can I be sure that bringing a hairdresser to my home is authorized?

This information is written on the government website: home hairdressing is well authorized (like other home services). The government insists on the importance of respecting barrier gestures.


We are also retranscribing here the intervention of Jean Castex, Prime Minister , dated October 29, 2020:

“In the professional environment, the principle is that activities continue. All companies that are not administratively closed must be able to continue to function as normally as possible. I am thinking of all service activities, (…). The same will obviously be the case for all healthcare professionals, those in personal service, in particular home help or childcare. “

Here is also an excerpt from France Inter which clarifies this point at 33min37 in order to leave no doubt, dated October 30, 2020:

“- I imagine it’s the same thing, Camille Chaize, for everything that is home help, cleaning lady for example?
– Absolutely, everything that happens at home is maintained, for example help for vulnerable people whether it is household help, ironing, home help, but also for example hairdressing at home, it really is necessary on the other hand that people who work at home and who pass by several people scrupulously respect barrier gestures. “

What home services are allowed during lockdown?

Cleaning and childcare services can be maintained as they are considered as personal services.


Below, our initial article for the month of May 2020, dealing with the possibility of reserving a slot at the hairdresser after the 1st lockdown.

Since the start of confinement , with the obligation to stay at home, your hair has been doing its own thing. Several questions obsess you: when can you see your hairdresser again? Can you have a hairdresser come to your home during confinement ? As a hairdressing expert, the Wecasa team answers you.

Hairdressers are preparing for deconfinement

When is the date for resumption of hairdressers after deconfinement ? Hairdressers are preparing for a reopening on May 11 . Whether they work in hairdressing salons or at home, French hairdressers hope to resume their activity in May. Let us first come back to some key figures to better understand the hairdressing sector in France .

The hairdressing sector in figures

It is the second craft trade after general masonry, it represents 15% of the turnover of the cosmetics market. 1 million French people go to the hairdresser every day. As you can see, the hairdressing sector is therefore a key sector for local services.

The current breakdown is as follows:
75% of hairdressers in independent hairdressing salons (90%) or under franchises (10%).
25% of hairdressers at home

With confinement that has lasted for more than a month, even the occasional or the most recalcitrant customers are starting to dream of having their hair cut!

Containment and hairdressers

The government measures taken to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus (or even the decree of March 14) require the closure of all non-essential establishments receiving the public. This resulted in the closure of all French hairdressing salons on March 15, 2020 . This text also specifies the obligation to respect barrier gestures in all places and in all circumstances, including social distancing, which has de facto led to the cessation of activity of hairdressers at home .

What conditions for the resumption of hairdressers?

Following Emmanuel Macron’s announcement on Monday April 13, all are preparing their deconfinement action plan in the hope of re-opening on Monday May 11, 2020 . The first condition is independent from the world of hairdressing. It is more keen on stabilizing the number of cases of Coronavirus in France. And we’re all responsible for that, so for now #stayhome!

The second condition concerns the health conditions that can be considered when resuming activity. For the moment, in the absence of additional information, it is reasonable to consider that it is the players in the sector who are the guarantors. The hygiene rules for hairdressers before the Covid-19 crisis were already strict ( disinfection of equipment, hand washing, washing of towels and bathrobes, etc.). We will have to develop them to respect barrier gestures as much as possible. Obviously, the minimum distance of one meter between two people cannot be respected in hairdressing salons, but new avenues are being studied:

– wearing of a mask by the hairdresser and his client
– decrease in customer travel inside the show
– occupancy of one in two seats
– extension of opening hours
– poncho for the hairdresser or the dressing table
– disinfection of seats after cutting, etc.

Each actor is thus currently studying the possibilities for his reorganization. Franchised hairdressing salons, independent salons, hairdressing unions and online hairdressing reservation platforms are all working on the conditions for exiting the crisis:

supply of masks, disposable cutting caps, disposable towels
– specification of new health protocols
– study of special conditions for customers at risk, etc.

The questions are many and complex, the answers will come step by step.

The advances of Wecasa Coiffure

On the Wecasa side, we have ordered a quantity of the masks intended for professional use which will be supplied to our partners. We are also in the process of fully developing a training platform for home hairdressers (and also home beauticians ) . An individual certification system is under development. In order to continue the partnership with Wecasa, hairdressers and beauticians must have validated the certification. Finally, a summary summary of the health protocol during the home intervention is being drafted.

What about barbers?

Wearing a mask is not possible as part of a cut or maintenance of a beard. As a result, it unfortunately seems much more complicated to find short-term solutions for the resumption of the activity of barbers and barbers.

How to find a hairdresser after deconfinement?

When the hairdressing activity resumes, places will be scarce and demand high. Expect a pressure of the order of 8 to 10 times normal :

– Not all hairdressers will be able to reopen at the same time. Only the best organized who have managed to equip themselves will be able to do so, which immediately excludes certain players in the profession.
– On the customer side, two months without hairdressing services leave damage. Short cuts or coloring cannot wait any longer. And even “just cutting off the tips” will be necessary for others.
– Some large provincial towns, where the ratio of hairdressers to inhabitants is lower than in Ile de France, will be particularly tense. Lyon in particular is an example. If you are looking for a good hairdresser open in Lyon 7 days a week and from 7 am to 10 pm it’s here!


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