31 October 2021

Bye bye cleaning, hello massage

Book a domestic cleaner
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Book a domestic cleaner

For a colorful start to the school year: everyone has their own technique

  • The ostrich technique : we start the month of September as if nothing had happened while listening to the summer hits.
  • The unicorn technique : fill in the registration forms with glitter ink, cover your wrists with rainbow-colored bracelets.
  • The parrot technique : we repeat aloud that everything is under control

In any case, the one that always works is the Wecasa technique . So what is it ? It is to do yourself good . It starts by transforming your Saturday cleaning into a Saturday massage.
To get there, we will help you. You book a cleaning session and we will give you a 10 € reduction on your next massage.

massage and cleaning

Conditions of the offer:

Testing the Wecasa household for the first time.
Duration of the offer: from September 1 to October 31, 2021 inclusive.

Concretely, how is it going?

  • You book your cleaning session . The day, the hour, the duration. In short, where you want, when you want.
  • You receive a promo code of 10 € to use from your next massage session. The code can be found in our satisfaction survey (just before your validation) sent 5 minutes after your cleaning session.

You come to the conclusion that cleaning + massage therefore go hand in hand.

And remember one thing: the Casacenter is always there when in doubt. You have a question, our team has the answer. Have a good start!

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