24 November 2021

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Book a mobile hairdresser

Between your busy schedule, your work schedules and travel times by public transport or car, the search for an open hairdresser becomes a real quest for the Holy Grail. But with Wecasa, having your hair cut at 7:30 p.m. or 9 p.m., today , on another day that suits you, or even on a Sunday , and at the right price: it’s possible!

Hairdresser open for parents:

Your problem : a family life to manage.
It is 6 p.m., you are leaving work. But the day is far from over, on the contrary, the real important tasks are only just beginning. You have to :
– bring Theo to his tennis lesson
– deposit a check in the bank
– pick up a package at the post office
– pick up Nina from school
– make the kids recite finish their homework and prepare dinner.
– And get yourself to the hairdresser at some point too, since you’re 2 weeks overdue.
Being the Super mum / dad that you are, you’ll be left with your hair that’s too long for yet another week until you can find the time to get it done.
The Wecasa solution : you can babysit while being pampered in your living room .

Hairdresser open for young CDI:

Your problem : extended working hours.
You have finally landed a CDI in the company of your dreams. You want to prove yourself and give the best of yourself, in short, you no longer count your hours. But your working day ends long after the hair salons close. Then you need a very flexible solution .
The Wecasa solution : you can get a service from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and book it 24/7.

Open hairdresser for the hyperactive:

Your problem : an overloaded schedule.
Fast life is the life you have decided to lead. You don’t know boredom and you hardly find the time to sleep. You can’t call every hair salon until you find one that offers you a niche that fits your packed schedule .
The Wecasa solution : you can book your service for the same day in 2 clicks on the Wecasa site or application and the algorithm will find you the best professional available !

hairdresser open today

Hairdresser open for immobilized persons:

Your problem : the lack of mobility.
You are in a situation of reduced mobility, injured athlete, in a cast due to clumsiness, tired future mother, stuck at home … It is therefore impossible for you to go to your hairdressing salon.
The Wecasa solution : It is your hairdresser who comes to you with all the necessary equipment and he will even take care not to leave any trace of his passage! The perfect crime.

Hairdresser open for homeowners:

Your problem : you prefer to avoid public places.
You run away from crowded (and even empty) transport, noise, gossip from other customers. You can’t find the strength to brave the extreme cold in winter and the hot weather in summer (nor the rain in autumn for that matter) or the strength to make a call to reserve a slot.
The Wecasa solution : you benefit from all the comfort of a service in your haven of peace !

Hairdresser open for the demanding:

Your problem : you want everything to be perfect.
The hairdresser is your moment of well-being. So you want the best: the quality of the service, the value for money, including the optimization of the time you spend there.
The Wecasa solution : hairdressing at home is the assurance of having a hairdresser just for you , attentive to your needs and who does not work in the ambient hubbub of hairdressing salons. Indeed, our professional hairdressers confirm it to us, the bond with their customers is privileged and their profession favors this human contact. And the prices are not more expensive than in a salon! The icing on the cake: you did not waste your time avoiding traveling.

Hairdresser open in London 7 days a week:

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