24 November 2021

Cleaning before moving in: how to go about it?

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Have you just moved in? Well done and welcome to your new home!

No sooner than you’ve finished your end of tenancy clean at your last place when you are already thinking of starting over. To make the most of life in your home, we recommend that you start with a thorough cleaning . How do you go about carrying out these household chores ? Here is our method. ⤵️

Household and faucet cleaning
Cleaning the bathroom fittings before moving in

Cleaning before moving in: what to plan

Before arranging all the furniture and adding your personal touch to the decoration of your new home, we recommend that you do a thorough cleaning .

And this is for two reasons:

  • The first reason is obviously a question of hygiene : the last cleaning carried out by the previous tenants or owners probably dates back quite some time
  • Second reason? Look at all the parts without furniture or cardboard! For example, you will be able to estimate whether a wall deserves a lick of paint or a touch-up.

Regarding the equipment to plan for this big household, surround yourself with your favorite household accessories (broom, vacuum cleaner, sponges …) but also white vinegar and baking soda to disinfect everything!

Cleaning before moving in: the steps

Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is a central room and its cleaning will be greatly facilitated if it is still empty.

Here is what you will need to wash:

  • refrigerator, freezer, extractor hood and oven
  • the cupboards
  • the baking sheets
  • all surfaces (worktop, counters, tables)
  • the walls and the tiles of the splashback next to the stove

Cleaning the bathroom

In the bathroom , we’ll think about cleaning :

  • the washbasins and the washbasin
  • the bathtub or the shower: do not forget to remove the stopper to flush out residues
  • the toilet bowl (if they are in the bathroom) with a little baking soda to disinfect and deodorize
  • replace the toilet seat
  • any cupboards and furniture

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Window and wall cleaning

To wash the walls , a microfiber cloth soaked in white vinegar will work wonders! Also pass on the switches and the contours which are real nests of germs.

Finally, wash the windows and mirrors in all the rooms in the house.

Floor cleaning

For a really healthy and clean home before you move in, we encourage you to do a thorough cleaning of the floors.

Start by vacuuming every nook and cranny: don’t forget the cupboards. Then mop or use a steam mop.

If the accommodation is fitted with carpet, do not hesitate to hire a professional shampooer to remove dust mites and dust.

After washing the walls, windows, floor, kitchen and bathroom, your home will be close to a perfect cleaning! ?

The case of cleaning before moving into a new house

Are you the proud owner of a brand new house ? In this case, cleaning your new home before moving in will take longer!

As the building site of the house has surely brought its share of dust, the cleaning will have to be done more in depth.

In addition to basic cleaning, you will need to add washing: baseboards, radiators, windows or even the door frame.

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