2 February 2022

What skills are required to become a domestic cleaner and how to find a job?

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The domestic cleaner is responsible for maintaining private or public spaces to keep them clean and healthy. This profession is easy to access because becoming a domestic cleaner does not require any diploma.

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So, if the domestic cleaner position interests you, this article is for you! You will learn about the options available to you as well as the advantages of working with a partner company.

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Domestic cleaner job: Who to work for?

First, you can work for a variety of employers. In fact, a housekeeper can be employed by:

  • An individual
  • A company
  • An interim agency
  • A home help service company
  • An association
  • By oneself with a self-employed status

In addition, you can also work as a domestic cleaner for a local authority.

How to find a job as a domestic cleaner?

You have several options for finding a job as a cleaning lady. Indeed, you can browse the classifieds, usually posted by individuals, and apply for the positions that interest you. For more urgent assignments, spontaneous applications may be accepted.

However, a job as a housekeeper found in the classifieds may only be for a one-time job. The most reliable and attractive solution would be to apply for a personal service company in a home cleaning company or marketplace like Wecasa as a self-employed housekeeper. No need to worry about looking for customers! Moreover, it is common for these companies to take care of everything administrative.

Become an employee of a partner cleaning company

By choosing to become an employee of a partner cleaning company, you will be working as a household worker with private customers. In addition, you can book a cleaning or ironing service online with members of its network.

The partner cleaning companies also offer permanent jobs, so that you can benefit from a fixed monthly income, paid vacation and a mutual health insurance. Plus, you’ll enjoy the security of a declared job.

However, it is necessary to meet certain conditions, such as having experience and passing tests, depending on the target company.

What are the advantages of working with Wecasa?

If you want to easily find a job as a housekeeper, and opt for a relationship of trust, you can become a Wecasa partner housekeeper. Indeed, we can find you reliable customers and close to you as soon as possible. We take care of billing and collection management, as well as everything related to pre and post sales service.

At Wecasa, you are your own boss and you benefit from a self-employed status. You are free to define the geographical area in which you wish to work as a cleaning lady, as well as your working hours. You are free to accept or not the proposals made to you, knowing that they will correspond to your work area as well as your schedules. You are also free to keep your clients personal.

The skills and qualities required to easily find a job as a domestic cleaner

To hope to earn a living through a job as a cleaner, different skills and qualities are required. Indeed, you have to be rigorous when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. This profession also requires dynamism, in order to provide fast and quality work. For this, the cleaning lady must be meticulous. In addition, it also takes patience, because you will have to accomplish repetitive tasks. This is a job where discretion and reliability are fundamental requirements.

If your assigned tasks involve the use of chemicals or electrical cleaning machines, specific certifications will be required. In all cases, knowledge of and compliance with health and hygiene standards are essential.

Finally, remember that experience is a determining factor that will allow you to easily find work as a domestic cleaner.


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