Nancy Birtwhistle’s Cream Cleaner: Your Recipe to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Magic

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In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, the quest for eco-friendly living solutions has never been more pertinent. Enter Nancy Birtwhistle, former Great British Bake Off champion, who not only wowed us with her baking prowess but also with her dedication to a sustainable lifestyle. Among her notable contributions is an eco-friendly gem for the household: the Nancy Birtwhistle cream cleaner. It’s a perfect match for those who cherish a clean home and a clean planet. Speaking of cherished clean homes, Wecasa’s cleaning services align perfectly with this ethos, offering eco-friendly options for those looking to maintain their spaces without harming the environment.Cream cleaner cleaning solution

What Makes Nancy Birtwhistle’s Cream Cleaner Special?

Nancy Birtwhistle’s cream cleaner stands out for its eco-friendly formulation and multipurpose cleaning efficiency. Here’s why it’s a preferred choice for environmentally conscious households:

Natural Ingredients: The cleaner’s formula is a testament to the power of simple, natural ingredients. 

It includes:

  • Baking soda, a gentle abrasive that cleans without scratching surfaces.
  • Liquid castile soap, a plant-based soap that effectively lifts dirt and grease.
  • Essential oils like lavender or lemon, which add antiviral and antibacterial properties to the cleaner, besides leaving a refreshing scent.
  • White wine vinegar, which cuts through grease and leaves surfaces sparkling clean.


Versatility: Its application range makes it a go-to solution for various cleaning needs:

  • Safe for cleaning on multiple surfaces including stainless steel, ceramic, and glass.
  • Effective in both the kitchen and bathroom, capable of tackling everything from polishing stovetops to cleaning sinks.


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DIY Recipe – How to Make Your Own Nancy Birtwhistle Cream Cleaner

Creating this cleaner is straightforward and requires ingredients you likely already have at home:


  • Baking Soda (½ cup): Acts as a gentle abrasive.
  • Liquid Castile Soap (2 tablespoons): Cleans and lifts grease.
  • Essential Oil (20 drops): Lemon or lavender essential oil for its antibacterial and fresh scent.
  • White Vinegar: Adjust quantity for desired consistency; dissolve grime and add shine!



  • Combine Ingredients: In a mixing bowl, blend the baking soda with liquid castile soap to form a base paste.
  • Adjust Consistency: Slowly add white vinegar until you achieve a creamy consistency, suitable for spreading easily on surfaces.
  • Add Fragrance and Boost Cleaning Power: Stir in the essential oil for a naturally fresh scent and enhanced antibacterial action.

Practical Uses and Benefits

The versatility and benefits of this cream cleaner make it an indispensable part of eco-friendly household cleaning routines:

  • Kitchen Surfaces:
    • Cuts through grease on stovetops and countertops.
    • Cleans appliances like refrigerators and microwaves without leaving harmful residues.



  • Eco-Friendly:
    • Made with biodegradable ingredients that won’t harm waterways.
    • Reduces plastic waste by using refillable containers.


  • Health-Friendly:
    • Free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals that can cause skin irritations or respiratory issues.
    • Safe for use around children and pets, providing peace of mind for health-conscious households.


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User Testimonials and Success Stories

The transition to Nancy Birtwhistle’s cream cleaner has been met with enthusiasm and positive feedback from a diverse range of users. Their stories not only highlight the cleaner’s effectiveness but also its impact on promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Emma from London: “It’s incredible how something so simple outperforms the commercial cleaners I’ve used for years. Plus, knowing it’s eco-friendly makes the switch a no-brainer. My kitchen and bathroom have never looked better, and I feel good about reducing my chemical footprint.”


Tom in Manchester: “I was sceptical at first about how well a homemade cleaner could work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It tackled some tough limescale in my bathroom that I thought was permanent. This cleaner is a game-changer for me.”


Sophie from Bristol: “With two young kids at home, I’m very cautious about the products we use. Discovering Nancy’s cream cleaner has been a relief. It cleans wonderfully without any harsh chemicals, and the kids even help me make it! It’s become a fun, educational activity for them to learn about eco-friendly living.”


Raj in Birmingham: “I’ve been on a mission to reduce waste and live more sustainably. This cleaner fits perfectly into that lifestyle. Not only does it work, but it also saves me money and reduces plastic waste since I’m not buying bottle after bottle of commercial cleaner.”


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Embracing a green cleaning routine doesn’t stop with this cream cleaner. 


  • Microfiber Cloths: Reusable and effective at trapping dust and dirt.
  • Steam Cleaning: Uses only water, making it a superb option for chemical-free cleaning.

The Nancy Birtwhistle cream cleaner is more than just a cleaning product; it’s a statement of eco-friendly intent. Its ease of preparation, coupled with its effectiveness, makes it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. As we strive for cleaner homes, incorporating eco-friendly methods like this, alongside trusted services like Wecasa’s cleaning offerings, we take meaningful steps towards sustainability.



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