Why a Wipe Clean Christmas Tablecloth is a Must-Have This Holiday Season

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If you’re hosting holiday parties and celebrations this year, a wipe clean Christmas tablecloth should be top of your wish list.

Wipeable Christmas tablecloths are a life-saver for the many parties, lunches, and dinners that happen over the holiday season – Our professional domestic cleaners and housekeepers swear by them!

So if you want to minimise stress and cleaning as you host your Christmas celebrations this year, here’s how to choose a low maintenance Xmas tablecloth.

Wipeable christmas tablecloth

Decoding the Wipe Clean Tablecloth: A Detailed Overview

Before you start looking for a wipe clean Christmas tablecloth, let’s take a moment to explain what they are and how they work.


Wipe Clean Tablecloth: What is It and Why Do You Need One?

A wipe clean tablecloth is versatile, practical, and can be a plain piece of fabric or come in a number of chic designs.

They’re normally made from materials like vinyl or coated fabric, which make them waterproof and stain resistant – perfect for your Christmas lunch where common stain culprits like red wine and gravy are being passed around the table!

This means the only cleaning you need to do is a wipe-down with a damp cloth, and the spills come right off. That’s why a wipe clean option is such a great choice for your Christmas table cloth.


Wipeable oilcloth tablecloth

Evaluating the Best Wipe Clean Tablecloth: An In-Depth Review

So now you’re sold on a wipe clean Christmas tablecloth, let’s take a look at the different options. You can read up on the pros and cons of each, and find the perfect tablecloth for your Christmas lunch.


Top Picks for Best Wipe Clean Tablecloths

You’ve got several options when it comes to wipe clean tablecloths, and there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you.

Some of the most common wipe clean tablecloths include:


  • Vinyl tablecloths – these are durable, come in a variety of colours and patterns, and are made from a single piece of vinyl fabric. Because these are essentially waterproof, they’re also great for outdoor use.


  • Oilcloth is a sturdy, waterproof fabric typically made from cotton or a cotton/polyester blend, coated with a layer of vinyl, PVC, or linseed oil. This coating gives it a glossy and waterproof surface, which makes it highly resistant to spills and stains. 


  • Coated fabric tablecloths provide a more elegant touch because they feel more like a traditional cloth tablecloth while still being wipeable. This means they’re great for a fancy Christmas lunch where you want to really impress your guests, especially if you find one with nice embroidery and designs.


  • If you’re worried about your wipe clean Christmas tablecloth being a little too smooth and slippery, there are several options that have flannel or non-slip backings so they stay nice and put on your table. That way if any little kids at the table start tugging and pulling at the tablecloth, it won’t send your turkey flying to the floor!


  • Make sure you find a tablecloth that suits the shape of your table – rectangle, square, oval, or circular. Pay attention to the dimensions, and maybe add a few centimetres either side if you want it to hang over the edges a little.


PVC wipeable Christmas tablecloth

The Truth About Machine Washing Your Tablecloth

Now that you have a wonderful wipe clean Christmas tablecloth, it’s important to know how to care for it properly. 


The Oilcloth Conundrum: Can it Withstand a Washing Machine?

If you opted for an oilcloth option, the bad news is that they are typically not recommended for machine washing.

The waterproof coating on oilcloth can be damaged by the agitation and heat of a washing machine, causing it to crack, peel, or lose its water-resistant properties – which is the last thing you want…

Instead, it’s best to clean an oilcloth tablecloth by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge using mild soap or detergent if needed. Check out our top Christmas cleaning products to fully immerse yourself into the spirit of things.

Machine Washing a Wipe Clean Tablecloth: Feasible or Folly?

Vinyl and some coated fabric tablecloths are also often not recommended for machine washing, as the heat, agitation, and detergents can damage the waterproof coating or cause the material to warp. 

In this case, your best bet is to wipe these tablecloths with a damp cloth and mild soap for cleaning.

However, some coated fabric tablecloths might have care instructions that allow for gentle machine washing with cold water and a gentle cycle.

Always check the manufacturer’s label or specific care instructions that accompany the tablecloth to ensure a long-lasting wipe clean Christmas tablecloth.


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