Wecasa’s Sustainable Path to Eco-Friendly Home Services

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At Wecasa, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s the essence of our operations. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve strived to revolutionise the way customers and vetted professionals connect, achieving this through our user-friendly website and app.

Our approach is not only smart but also infused with care and consideration for our community and the planet.

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Fostering Local Entrepreneurs

Our vision is straightforward yet ambitious: to make at-home services universally available, transcending the urban hustle and extending into the tranquil countryside. Whether you seek the gloss of perfect nails or the gleam of a polished floor, Wecasa’s professionals are at your beck and call—anytime, anywhere. It’s a promise we keep dearly.


Upholding Fair Compensation

We firmly believe that our professionals are the backbone of our service; hence, we ensure they receive a substantial portion of the customer price. The remaining margin? It’s not funding extravagant luxuries but is thoughtfully allocated towards VAT, operational costs, fair team remunerations, and marketing initiatives that elevate Wecasa’s presence.

Plus, our compensation aligns with the ethical standards of the London Living Wage as well as the standards of towns and cities elsewhere in the UK.


Empowering Professional Independence

Wecasa champions the independence of our pros. They have the liberty to accept jobs, choose their schedules, define their service regions, and even build their clientele independently or collaborate with similar platforms.

This freedom extends to their right to part ways with us, no strings attached. We celebrate this open relationship because we understand that professional fulfilment can indeed coexist with personal freedom.


An Algorithm That Celebrates Diversity

Our bespoke algorithm is designed to connect customers with the best-suited professionals based on expertise and proximity, steering clear of biases related to gender or background.

This is a crucial stance for us, challenging the clichés within the industry. At Wecasa, we take pride in the fact that a significant number of our cleaning professionals are men, breaking the mould of outdated stereotypes.


Transparent Partnerships

We are committed to transparency with our partners, providing insights into how our matching algorithm operates, their performance scores, and areas for improvement.

Our goal is to foster growth and learning, not to cast blame. For us, transparency is a testament to integrity, and we uphold it with pride.


Cultivating an International and Inclusive Team

The Wecasa family comprises 80 diverse individuals, representing 17 nationalities and boasting a myriad of backgrounds.

With women making up 60% of our team, we are dedicated to nurturing a work environment that is motivating, inclusive, and respectful of all walks of life.


Commitment to Carbon Footprint Reduction

In collaboration with “Plan A,” we’ve measured our carbon footprint and are pleased with the findings. Nevertheless, we’re constantly striving to minimise the distances our professionals travel, currently averaging 3 miles per session.

Our 2024 goal is to further reduce this by improving the accuracy of our travel time calculations.


The Journey Toward B-Corp Certification

Our pursuit of the esteemed B-Corp certification underscores our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. It’s a clear indication that for Wecasa, “to infinity and beyond” isn’t just a catchphrase but a commitment to progress sustainably and responsibly.



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